Freeing up time

For this last email in our 'Facing Facts' themed, week 1,
we will begin with a Time Audit

There's a saying in hypnosis: "The Issue is never the Issue".

Meaning that there are usually other reasons that we do the things we do - that we later wish we hadn't.

This is why we looked at emotional eating earlier this week,
so you can consider whether there are deeper reasons leading you away from your goals.

Today is more practical in nature.

Most of us are time-poor.

When there isn't time to make the necessary plans and adjustments to make changes in your life - you end up scuppered.

Things like fitting in exercise, finding healthy recipes - even cooking them, can feel almost impossible when you are maxed out.

This isn't about intent or willpower - it isn't a comment on your character - this is just how it is.


The truth is, we all have the same 24 hours in our days.
The difference is what we prioritise.

Just by opening this email - you have prioritised yourself - which proves that the positive intention is there.

It shows you MEAN business.

We unashamedly ask people to take regular Time Audits in most of the programmes we run.
That's the first step.

Then we look at ways of streamlining and rearranging, so life works better for you.

Let's try to free up some time so your aims become possible.
But first things first.

Minimum Effective Dose
  • Watch the Time Audit Video on the next page.
Consider where in your daily life you can already free up time for your healthy goals.

All In
  • Watch the video and begin a time audit.

I do say a minimum of 2 days in the video
(I was being conservative)

4 days would be even more useful.
A week would be gold star!
  • Last day of recording your food
  • Continue to record your steps for the rest of the month
The aim with the steps is simply to beat yesterday's score.
Doesn't matter by how many...

Let's head into the last video for week 1


Lots of Love

Tanya & Amy x

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