With often blame hormones for things like mood swings and acne.
But Hormones rule practically everything about us.

Two important ones to know about:

LEPTIN (which is the hormone that tells you 'you're full, stop eating',
and GHRELIN (which tells your brain you are hungry in the first place)

And the work that is being done looking at the effect of the Sleep/Weight correlation

Which seems to make the whole losing weight situation harder.


Put simply:

If you want to lose weight you want less Ghrelin, and MORE Leptin,

  1. So you don’t feel overly hungry ALL the time
  2. So you have a fully functioning off-switch when you have eaten enough.

Unfortunately, lack of sleep sends both of these hormones in the opposite directions to the ones that help us with our healthy weight aims.

An hour less sleep a night has been shown to account for approximately 500 extra calories eaten a day.
And you already know... that is the same number for that extra pound gained or lost each week.

Getting the sleep in is something we focus hard on in Human Upgrade - with a whole course about it,
but for THIS course - let's cut straight to the most important parts.

On today's web page - there is a 20 minute sleep hypnosis - let me know if you make it to the end (no one has yet... )


3 Tips for Better Sleep

1. Note your thoughts

You can use a piece of paper, notebook, diary or whatever you prefer,

The idea is that you take any worries or things to remember,
or top 3 tasks for tomorrow

and jot them down

This action can enable you to, let go more easily - as you don't have that background 'buzz'  of upcoming events.

This is incredibly effective, and literally gets things 'off your mind'.

2. Get up/Go to Bed 
at the same time every day

Your bedroom needs to be dark and cool
When our ancestors saw the sunset - it increased the melatonin in their brains, which made them drowsy.

This still applies.

With sleep, as with all the things - it's a matter of training your body to expect things to happen.
Natural Circadian (sleep) rhythms in adults CAN be adjusted, to better work for you.

Light is a huge factor
Cutting out light (curtains closed or blackout blinds), especially in the Summer
can help your body produce the right internal conditions for sleep.

You need 8 hours.
Count back from when you need to get up...THAT'S bedtime. No negotiation. 
A bedtime alarm is as important as a waking alarm.

If you fancy a lie in go to bed earlier the night before.


3. Bedroom is for 2 things

Sleep and  - as Frank Skinner calls them 'The Physicals' 

Make sure you finish any of that business early enough in order to get enough sleep.

(You don't want to rush that, if you've got the opportunitiy..done right it's great exercise and helps you sleep 😉)

  • No caffeine 4 hours before bedtime
Obvious reasons.  5pm latest.  And that includes tea.
  • No booze before bedtime. 
It will dehydrate you, cause restless sleep, you'll probably be up for a wee, and feel bad in the morning


  • Try Calcium and Magnesium supplements 

(if you get restless legs that keep you awake)

  • Set an alarm for BEDTIME as well as waking up
  • Spray some lavender on your pillow - calming and soothing


Minimum, Effective Dose

  • Listen to the Sleep Hypnosis

All in

  • Listen to the Sleep Hypnosis
  • Commit to changing just one sleep habit this week
  • Watch the fats video
  • Consider where you could add more healthy fats to your diet.

You can do that

Here <

Lots of Love

Tanya & Amy x

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