Can we talk about water?

We all know we need to drink more, but most people don't.

For our purposes this month, it's a relatively easy win.
Simply by drinking enough water, you can lose weight.

Here's why:


1.  It literally lets you torch unwanted body fat.

Without enough water, the body cannot properly metabolise (use up) stored fat or carbohydrates.

The Sciencey Bit:

The process of metabolising stored fat in your body is called lipolysis.
The first step of this process is hydrolysis.
This happens when water molecules interact with triglycerides (fats) to create glycerol and fatty acids.

Still with me?  We're nearly there...

All of that, is the process of essentially burning off fat stored in your body or from food.

Without enough water - the chemical process simply can't happen.


2.  It helps with your number 1s and number 2s


You need enough water in your system to have healthy poops and avoid constipation.

Dehydration means constipation.
Constipation means you'll retain fluid in your body making you bloated and sluggish.

And as you probably know - really uncomfortable.

Also being dehydrated affects your kidneys and makes you more prone to conditions such as cystitis and other UTIs.

3. It makes exercise easier

Whether you're starting from scratch, trying to up your exercise output or heading for the Olympics,  being properly hydrated will help you achieve your

Strength, Power and Performance. aims.

It also helps you minimise the post-exercise gremlins, like DOMS (the dreaded aches and pains) and even low blood pressure, 

This means that if you want to burn even more energy (and stored fat) through exercise - drinking enough water is going to make the whole thing happen far more easily.


It speeds up your metabolism

Studies have shown that drinking just 500ml extra water increased the metabolic rate by 30%.
This means you'll increase your fat-burning ability by 30%!

Some other great reasons to drink enough water
(there are tons more):

It helps create saliva
It regulates your body temperature
It protects your tissues, spinal cord, and joints
It helps get rid of waste through perspiration,
It aids in digestion
It helps with nutrient absorption
It improves blood oxygen circulation
It helps fight off illness
It helps boost energy
It aids in cognitive function
It helps improve mood
It helps keep skin bright and can reduce signs of aging

So today's aim is calculating how much water YOU,
in particular, need every day.
You can adjust it for how active you are, with the calculator on the next page

If the volume it suggests for you is a very long way
from where you are now, don't panic.

Gradually build up to it - by maybe 500ml every week or so,
so your bladder gets time to adjust


Minimum Effective Dose:

  • Listen to the daily audio homework

All in:

  • Calculate your daily water intake
    (note - the calculator is pretty conservative, these are bare minimums)
  • Make a plan to reach your daily recommendation if you need to
  • Continue to record your steps

For the water calculator and the daily audio homework (same one)

Click HERE

Lots of Love

Tanya & Amy x
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