Wow, that's been a lot so far..

To reassure you we are nearly all the tough stuff done.
If you made it all the way to day 4 with your Time Audit - congratulations - that's a great deal of information on how you spend your time.

We'll look more closely at what to do with all that info later.

For today, though - we want to introduce you to your daily Audio 'Homework' for the rest of this month.

Think of this as your insurance policy.

More practice at strengthening the neural pathways that will make your healthy eating even more effortless.
More practice and reaching the state of hypnosis; meaning you squeeze every last drop of benefit from all the positive suggestions.

How to use:

Listen *daily at a time you are less likely to fall asleep (i.e ideally not bedtime)

*On the days you have another hypnosis session in your email - you can choose to listen to the Audio Homework as well if you have the time.

Let whatever comes up for you... come up. 
You might feel emotional, tearful, elated, relaxed, even a little cross! 

Unless you are a qualified psychologist (and I imagine most people reading this are not) try to resist the temptation to analyse or draw meaning from any unexpected emotions.

Sometimes we just need to let it out.

All emotions are valid.
There aren't good or bad ones, they are simply what you need to feel at that moment.
Sometimes if it's an unexpected emotion, we may have been too busy or unwilling to feel it fully.

Acknowledge the feeling.
Allow it.
(It is likely to be doing good work on your behalf, in the background)

Minimum Effective Dose

  • Listen to the Audio Homework Recording


  • Listen to the Audio Homework Recording
  • Choose a recipe from one of the cookbooks on the next page 
    (if you like those, there's plenty where they came from).  
    Why not challenge yourself to try an ingredient you haven't tried before?
  • Continue to record your daily steps.

Let's head through to day #11


Lots of Love

Tanya & Amy x
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