Hypno Reboot
Day #4

What gets in the way?
Now you've identified some goals you'd like to move forward with,
let's think about some of the obstacles that could come up.

It's likely you'll already have encountered some of these in the past.
  • Think about times in the past you might have tried to reach these goals; what happened to get in the way of you reaching them?
  • Or if life has changed now, are there new challenges that you can imagine might crop up?
  • Maybe they are different goals from any you've strived for in the past - with new challenges?
Sorry this is a bit of a negative one, but once you make plans for the pitfalls - it's much easier to avoid them.

Minimum Effective Dose:

Watch today's video on making a Bridge Model.
Think about how you could apply this solution-finding process to address an obstacle in your life.


All In:

Make a list

of ALL of the obstacles you can think of that could get in the way of your goals.
Practical considerations, persistent thoughts, emotions, people, family situations, finances - anything you think could sabotage your fabulous goals.

Create a Bridge Model

It's useful to create a Bridge model for each obstacle.
  • Start with the current situation.
  • Describe your ideal situation.
  • Then brainstorm all of the possible solutions - however outlandish or seemingly impossible.

Once you have a list of possible solutions, narrow them down, get them in order of priority - and make a plan.

This is probably going to take a while, so don't worry if you don't finish today.
We are going to come back to this later in the month, and create an updated version.

Hopefully, by then you've already knocked a few obstacles off your list.

Continue to record your food

Let's head into the video which explains how to do that.

(It's short! - under 3 minutes!)


Lots of Love

Tanya & Amy x
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