#10 - New info requires a revised plan

To be scientific about things,
when new information arises, we adjust accordingly.

Just as it is with your Bridge Model over this month.
We asked you yesterday to analyse the results of the data you collected

Today's let's update that Bridge Model with those results.
(Use the system for as many issues as you want to tackle, but we'd recommend you start with just 1 or 2 important ones)

If you've been following along,
you should have new insights into things you might want to tweak and change around the food that you eat.

When we ask you to do this again next week, we will be thinking about the info that came up on your time audit (if you're still going with that, well done!)

We'll be giving you lots of helpful tips on how to rejiggle your time to make it work for you.

So today:

Minimum Effective dose:
take a chill day, relax, review any of the emails to date.

All In:
  • Update your Bridge Model focusing on what came up in your food data collection.
  • Use all your info so far to decide on some solutions you'd like to put into place.

You don't have to act on any of this yet - but start building the pieces to eventually turn into a plan.

And a reminder to everyone:

If you haven't listened to yesterday's first Gastric Band Hypnosis -
try to ensure you do today before we move on to your daily Gastric band listening homework tomorrow.

(I'll post it again on the next page so it's easy to find)

Day #10 > HERE

Lots of Love

Tanya & Amy x
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