Time for Virtual Gastric Band - Session 2/4

We're hoping that those of you going all-in are implementing the Gastric band rules.

As a reminder: 
  • Buy Something New
  • There are 4 separate Virtual Gastric Band recordings.
  • There is an additional daily 15-minute homework recording to listen to.
  • Eat Mindfully
  • Take a good multivitamin/mineral
  • Eat 3 appropriate-sized meals a day.
  • Snacks should be planned and healthy
  • Drink at least 3 litres of water a day

If you're not quite there with all of those yet, not a problem - it's always good to be reminded of where you're headed.
Baby steps are always the most permanent.

Over the last 2 weeks, we've added lots of ideas that will really help get you organised and in primed state to meet any healthy goals you have.

This is not an all-or-nothing approach.
We bring you the ideas and information, that will be marinading away in your mind.
It's like sowing seeds... these things take a while.
They are supposed to.

"Deep roots aren't reached by the frost".
J.R.R. Tolkien.

For now,

Minimum Effective Dose:
  • Listen to the second Virtual Gastric band session.

All in
  • Look back over your time audit to see where you make some easy wins to gain back time in your day.
This is an area we look at in depth in Human Upgrade

(if you are in the Membership, please go to the Time Mastery Course for very detailed help with this.  Time Management is my special area of interest.  You will buy hours back every day).

Why do this at all?
Because one of the main factors that get in the way of achieving goals - is lack of time.

And very often, it is a very legitimate reason.

People are often time-poor.
They start out with brilliant goals, only to find themselves scuppered by the clock each day.
Simply running out of time.

Before you launch into your new goals and plans, finding more time, removes a major obstacle - and stacks the odds in your favour

To identify some easy time gains - we'd like you to look in particular at:
  • Whether you are repeating tasks, e.g. several trips to the supermarket, which with planning, could be minimised.
  • Wasting time - perhaps mindless scrolling leading to too-late bedtimes, repeated tasks in the household which could be eased with a rota or schedule.
  • Whether you can share the load: School runs with other parents, skills swap, paid help (e.g. cleaner), play date arrangements, outsourcing, 

And most importantly, if there are things you are doing that you don't have to do.
When you REALLY think about it.

Are there some things you say yes to... that could be a no - and free your time to do the things that you want more?
Are there things that are plain boring and you are doing them - out of habit, or another reason, that isn't about your health or happiness.

This one is probably going to be more of an ongoing project,
but definitely make some notes (even super simple ones) about what your Time Audit showed you - and what you might want to do about it!.

You can find that:


Lots of love

Tanya and Amy x
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