#16 Easy food wins

Often people launch headlong into healthy eating plans and try to change everything, all at once.

The smart thing is to take it gently, and definitely go for the easy wins.
Changing and tweaking things however small, will start to build up a bank of success in your mind.

This will build your confidence.
Which leads to more success.

So we invite you to review the food you originally recorded at the start of this course.

Have you noticed positive changes already?
Are there things you've naturally and effortlessly - just started to do more healthily.

If so, and we expect you will have - bank those wins!
And if not, keep going - this is supposed to be a slow, steady process, there's no right or wrong, and we are only halfway, don't forget,


Looking at the food you recorded:
  • are there easy swaps you could make?
  • Is there an obvious snacking danger time, that you could line something else up to do?
  • Could you take coffee with you, if you know that you always have a cheeky pastry at the coffee shop?
  • Would it make sense to alter mealtimes slightly to spread your eating through the day (and you don't end up famished)?
  • Could you pack a lunch instead of grabbing something on the go?


Having Protein as the main part of every meal or snack, is one tweak that probably makes the single biggest difference to peoples' healthy eating aims.

Today's video is a closer look at protein, to give you some more knowledge and ideas on how to get more into your diet.

We will be covering Carbohydrates and Fats after this, so you are armed with all the science, that you never need to follow a diet plan.
(In fact your friends will be coming to you for nutrition advice)


Minimum Effective Dose:

  • Listen to the Daily Audio Homework
  • Think about the easy wins you can make to the food you eat.

All In:

  • Listen to the Daily Audio Homework
  • Watch/Listen to the Protein Info
  • Celebrate your successes to date
  • Review your recorded food and see where you can make some easy wins
  • Continue to beat yesterday's steps and record your daily count

You can do that:


Lots of Love Tanya & Amy x
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