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Typemock News - September 2012


Unit Testing for Every Level

We listened to you and understand that different developers have different needs and budgets.
Some want the power of Typemock, and the security of its smart runner, for their personal projects or projects that otherwise wouldn’t be tested, while others, managing hundreds of developers, need advanced management dashboards, code coverage indicators, and the added security to have confidence in their code and enable them to show regulatory compliance. 
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How to Start with Isolator

  Code - How to Start with Isolator
  1. Download and install Typemock Isolator.
  2. Add references to Isolator's DLLs: Typemock Core DLL and Typemock Arrange–Act-Assert DLLs. When using Isolator’s Intellitest, available in Typemock Isolator Complete, to create test statements, it will also add the references for you!
  3. Use Typemock Isolator's APIs to fake database calls, SharePoint and ASP Framework Methods, third party libraries or even your code

  4. As you build your project, Typemock Isolator automatically runs only the relevant tests for the changed code and shows the test result coverage on the code. You may use Isolator's Failed Test Analyzer to fix the bugs quickly.

Unit Testing: Is There Still a Debate?

10 years after the signing of the Agile manifesto, unit testing is still not practiced by the majority of development teams. Despite that, we all know the benefits.

In this article, Dr. Dobb’s editor Andrew Binstock argues that the biggest benefit Agile provided was unit testing and resistance to unit testing tells you more about the organization than unit testing itself.

If you're among the hold-outs who don't use unit tests at all, you're missing an excellent opportunity to make your code better and to improve your coding experience. 

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Poll: What Level of a Developer Are You?

Different developers are at different levels. Some are individual hobbyists, who have a side project, others are trying to get their organization to start unit testing at work, but they are not there yet. Some are working in small teams, and unit testing to release faster, while others are working in large enterprise teams, developing mission-critical systems in which a single bug can be multimillion dollars.

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