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Here's to a great 2018!

Hope your year has started off with a bang!
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Synapse Conference

20 - 22 July

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Some of our speakers
Prof André Venter (Pediatrician)
Dr Jaco Cilliers (Neurologist)
Dr Claude Botha (Psychiatrist)
Dr Vicky Nicolaou (Endocrinologist)
Martelie Burger (Optometrist)
R4500 for 3 days
17 CPD points will be applied for.

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Back to School
South Africa allocates 15% of its national budget to education, a bigger proportion than the US or
the UK.  However, a Global Competitiveness Report by the World Economic Forum ranked SA's primary education system as 126th in the world and higher education as 134th, out of 138 selected countries.
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What's New?
Glaucoma drug.

Rhopressa is a ROCK-inhibitor, or Rho-associated coil–forming protein kinase inhibitor, approved by the FDA a few weeks ago.
Synapse Academy subscribers will already know from Volume 5, Issue 1, Glaucoma that it increases outflow through the trabecular meshwork and drops episcleral venous pressure. 
It reduced IOP by 28% during trials and appears particularly good for patients who start treatment with lower pressures. Side effects are similar to the prostaglandin analogues: Hyperemia and tenderness. Also vortex keratopathy, pain on instillation
and conjunctival hemorrhage may occur.

Red eyes? 

Glaucoma medication Lumigan, as a side effect, makes lashes darker, thicker and longer, so the clever folk at Allergan brought out a lower dose version and now we have Latisse?
Well, brimonidine (Alphagan P) lowers IOP too but at low doses it
whitens eyes without dropping IOP, which is exactly why there is no patent issue with B&L's Lumify (0.025% brimonidine), recently FDA-approved. It is better than other vasoconstrictor-based red eye drops because there is no rebound redness when treatment is stopped. It works within a minute and lasts for up to 8 hours.
See? Perfectly white!
Until next month!

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