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We've come to the end of the month of love!
This heart shaped retinoschisis OCT we shared on Facebook on Valentines day was our top post for this month.
 Thanks for all the Facebook-love! 
This month the USA celebrated President's Day and South Africa got a new president. Let's have a look at some Presidential Eyewear. 
Harry Truman was frequently photographed wearing his spectacles. 

Ronald Reagan started wearing CLs in his acting days & continued throughout his presidency, the first US president to wear them.

Reading glasses have been used by many presidents, including the current POTUS. 

Closer to home, past president Zuma is known for frequently adjusting his eyewear. 
Teddy Roosevelt had several pairs, including this pince nez. He survived an assassination attempt in 1912 when his metal spectacle case deflected the bullet. Who says eyecare doesn't save lives!

Lyndon Johnson, a high hyperope, was probably the top presidential spectacle collector owning at least 53 pairs over the years. Apparently he enjoyed matching them to his outfits.

AREDS supplements or not?

Some people do better taking the AREDS formulation and some progress (get worse) faster. According to this study, it depends on our genes so we should be customising supplements for the patient's genotype. This article in Ophthalmology says there's no point. This article gives both sides. Testing for CFH and ARMS2 (high risk alleles) is commercially available, but blanket testing is costly and does not give clear management direction. For now... 

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Dr Stef Guglielmetti (Ophthalmologist)
Keratitis: What gives?
Martelie Burger (Optometrist) Binocular Vision: What, when, how?
Dr Vicky Nicolaou (Endocrinologist) Ocular manifestations of endocrine disease
Dr Claude Botha (Psychiatrist) TBC
Veronica van Niekerk (Physiotherapist) Practitioner Problems

Saturday 21 July* 
Prof Andre Venter (Pediatrician) ADHD
Dr Francois van Niekerk (General Practitioner) Age appropriate?
TBC (Dermatologist) UV 

Sunday 22 July*
Dr Mandie Cilliers (Radiologist) Seeing what I see
Dr Jaco Cilliers (Neurologist) A clinical approach to gait disorders
Optometrist, ophthalmologist, radiologist, neurologist, psychiatrist, endocrinologist...
The A-team: Case studies.
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When it's not Dry Eye.

Ocular symptoms of fibromyalgia are very similar to those of dry eye, including increased corneal sensitivity (measured with a Cochet-Bonnet esthesiometer) and high scores on the dry eye questionnaire. TBUT and Schirmer is normal. Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain disorder that can affect any part of the body, including the eyes. It's not well understood, but has a genetic and environmental basis, affects women more than men,
and seems to revolve around an imbalance of the pain modulating substances, serotonin and substance p. 
Click here for a great 5 min video summary explaining fibromyalgia. 
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