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'Fake News’ is nothing new. At Project Censored, we’ve been fighting it for 40 years- we just call it propaganda!

Learn more in our latest book, Censored 2017: Fortieth Anniversary Edition, and see the long history of CIA media manipulation as well as an overview of the biggest PR propaganda firms in the world peddling faux narratives for governments, intel agencies, and corporations. Fake news is an issue, just not in the way corporate media and the US government claim (WMDs anyone?). As we approach a new ministry of truth scenario where social media outlets are being asked to censor certain news sources, this edition of Censored is timely as ever. 

Given all we face, we want to make you a special offer. From now until December 31st, get a copy of our newest release, Censored 2017, at a special year-end rate of $20 to spread critical media literacy and support media democracy in action. That special rate includes tax and mailing in the US, which amounts to roughly a 40% savings off the normal cover price with tax and shipping! Looking for more deals on back editions? Order a copy of Censored 2012, 2013, or 2014 for only $10 each, taxes and shipping included until the end of 2016!

Help fight our current Truth Emergency, get the antidote for what the folks at the Oxford Dictionary are calling our so-called post-truth world…and share the Top Censored Stories, Junk Food News, and more into the new year. Censored 2017 is a good defense for what’s to come…

Again, we could not write this book every year, host the nationally syndicated Project Censored Radio show, and publish all of the online work that we do without your support. If you are not a Project Censored Member please sign up here. Every little bit helps! 

-From all of us at Project Censored

Become a $5 monthly Project Censored Supporter and get the newest book free! Learn more here.
Become a $5 monthly Project Censored Supporter and get the newest book free! Learn more here.
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