“If the colour of life turns grey, turn the palette the other way”— Benny Bellamacina.
The FG Magazine has always been about embracing change and getting closer to our readers and so, our June newsletter has been refreshed and revamped to allow our true colours to shine through and we are proud to let them show!

When colours are calling…

Do you want to escape from the same old you and the same old wardrobe? Cheer up as it is time for a change and we’re here for you! Stand out in a good way with colourful hats, bandanas or turbans coming this summer as part of a great beach chic look. Let us tell you where to start.  
What are colour lovers talking about? The talented Wayuu women of Colombia have captured amazing colours in their collection of Mochila Bags. These handmade mochilas are the true colour statement for you to make this summer.
Need to work harder on your “Faire Collection”? Mix & Match your mochila bag with some great fair trade designs from Ecuador and Vietnam to complete the fashionable and eco-friendly statement this summer.

Looking to update on eco-friendliness?

Is it time to try something new? How about organic lipsticks and glosses made from pure ingredients,without additives, lead, preservatives (paraben-free) or artificial colours? Primitive cosmetics make your eco-dreams come true with a fabulous collection of natural lipsticks featuring a ‘true colours’ palette!
The weird and wacky world of nail art is in demand. Say what? Yep, and what is more the eco-nail chic is even trendier. PRITINYC, a non-toxic nail varnish presented in a wide variety of colours seems to do the trick and has turned some celebrity heads.

Have you heard?

People are hearing colours! Neil Harbisson, the first human cyborg, transforms the sounds he hears into colour thanks to his‘eyeborg’. Need to catch up on the latest technologies? Neil exclusively walks you through his unique interpretation of colour and sound!
When your muse is a carrot...Did I miss something? Extreme food photography! Talented photographer Ryan Matthew Smith introduces us to his world of “compositing”. Grab a Cannon 5D Mark II and flip through Matthew’s out-of-this-world portfolio for some inspiration!

Why should you stick around this month?

On 7th June…
Fashion meets Tech at the Silicon Valley Fashion week, we try to understand this unlikely combination with designers Herbert Williamson and Ilan Reuban and their latest collections.

On 10th June…
If a picture is worth a thousand words, what about a film? Fred Sweet, producer of La Jolla Fashion Film Festival explains what a fashion film is and how it has evolved.

On 13th June…
Designer Nikki Poulos lets us glimpse into her collections, inspirations, emotions and her whole world of vibrant colours and patterns.

On 16th June…
Hmmm, Beeeer! Craft beer continues to grow in popularity and with over 3,000 breweries making the stuff in the US new festivals are cropping up all the time. Fancy a pint?

On 18th June…
Stay inside the lines! We explore the physical and mental benefits of adult colouring with some sharp pencils such as Johanna Basford.

On 20th June…
We all know it’s irresistible to run your fingers through a clothes rack as you browse your favourite store. Sandra Weil tells us about her use of texture combined with colour and print to capture your imagination.

On 23nd June…
Who said Chinese cuisine couldn’t stimulate your senses and imagination? Green, orange, yellow, red, beige and even black dumplings and colourful soymilk drinks are colouring the palates of Chinese food lovers.

On 26th June…
Happier, Wiser, Younger And Thinner? If you thought meditation was purely for monks, think again as its benefits are captivating the minds and time of the business folks out there. Let’s meditate…

On 28th June…
BarChef owner, resident mixologist and all round nice guy Frankie Solarik is shaking up the Toronto cocktail scene with complex ingredients that invigorate the senses.

On 30th June…
Dreaming of year-round colour in your garden? Roses bloom only in summer and violets in spring but don’t worry we have a solution for every season, from the first design to successive replanting!

What's New?

A moment of indulgence! The luxury pearl jewellery brand Pearl-Lang is offering all our FG pearl lovers an exclusive discount of 15% at How do you get your hands on this? Use promo code: FGSPECIAL15 valid until 14 June 2015 (midnight GMT).
PSSST…we’ve got a new competition for you…
Nikki Poulos is offering this 'Erin Maxi Dress' to someone chosen at random from those who share AND comment on her article coming on 13th June. Get ready!
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