“If it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled or composted, then it should be restricted, redesigned or removed from production.”— Pete Seeger.

When eco replaces ego…

Still focusing on profits, low costs and fast fashion? The same old game! Sustainable fashion and ethical business models are moving from a niche to a necessity. Too good to be true? Let’s find out how.
Want to earn a pat on the back? It seems that many of us are thinking how our actions affect the planet more often than not. Even when it comes to luxury fashion! Eco-conscious alternatives? We are getting there slowly but surely. Join the dialogue.
Ready for a green splash this summer? We take a closer look at some colourful, functional and fashionably stylish eco-friendly swimsuits just before you race off to your nearest boutique! Sounds promising? Wait and check out the full list!

Looking to update on eco-friendliness?

Quiz time: She is one of the first big designers in the fashion business that is starting to have a strong, sustainable attitude; embracing a green world from production to collection. Um...test your knowledge and name that designer!
Chemistry class: Vegetable tanned leather, FSC Certifies wood / cork, nickel free metal hardware and recycled PU foam. Lab testing or shoemaking? Know what’s what when creating vegan shoes!
Take the next step: Can’t get enough of vegan sandals? Then go for eco-conscious heels too!

Have you heard of?

Putting an end to choice in a positive way? “We need to work with what we have, nurture what is on our doorsteps and fall in love with it again,” says the mastermind behind the UK’s first waste-free restaurant. Waste-free? Tell us how.
Green holidaying? Vacation goers seeking environmentally friendly hotels and attractions couldn’t remain greener this year! Check out our eco destinations plus eco tricks and tips for a greener, happier holiday this summer!

Why should you stick around this month?

On 9 July…
Take the journey from grape to glass and learn how changing climates are affecting our favourite wines. Wine in a changing climate comes to the Greenhouse in Norwich, UK.

On 10 July…
Meet the Arbonauts! A multidisciplinary, site based performance company explores the urges of Desire when they come to the Brunel Tunnel Shaft in London from 14th to 15th July.

On 13 July…
Eco-friendly products are booming across California, we have scoured the state for our favourites and are meeting the organic beauty brand Deep Roots and retailer Credo Beauty.

On 15 July…
Emerging designers are demonstrating the value of eco-fashion to the wider industry. We discover the latest collection, ‘Ghost’ from Luiza Jacob the founder of eco-couture urbanwear house Dream Nation.

On 17 July…
Witness how recycled materials and organic fabrics bring eco-accessories to life with wallets, handbags and backpacks from Matt and Nat.

On 20 July…
A cup of coffee can be turned into a T-shirt? With 7 patents, 14 awards and usage by 45 international fashion brands, S.Café® fabrics are taking the world one bean at a time.

On 23 July…
Conquering the hearts of hat lovers on Russian soil are RONNEL’s Toquilla straw hats. Fashionably hand-weaved and coloured without any chemicals they amplify any summer look. 

On 26 July…
From the Eco Fashion Week in Vancouver to the Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin and GreenShows in New York, we share our excitement as the eco-fashion calendar fills out.

On 29 July…
The Knot House in Geoje Island achieves seamless spatial connection between outdoor landscape and indoor living space without boundaries. Eco-friendly architecture in all its splendor.

On 31 July…
Thinking of fashion as a driver of our relations? We walk you on an intimate journey through values beyond apparel and ornament, desire and social distinction. Fashion as Social Energy!

What's New?

Delightful Discounts!

The Desire Machine at the Brunel Tunnel Shaft in London from 14th  to 25th July is offering our readers a 20% discount on tickets to the show. Coming out on 10th July – don’t miss this opportunity!
Deep Roots, a brand of handmade beauty products in California is offering our readers a 15% discount on all their products until 31st August, 2015. Coming out on 13th July – stay tuned!
RONNEL is offering our readers a 20% discount on its Ecuadorian Toquilla straw hats. Coming out on 23rd July – don’t miss this opportunity!
PSSST…we’ve got a new competition for you…
Matt and Nat is offering this vintage style 'Moxy Bag' to someone chosen at random from those who answer the following question: If you could invent an eco-friendly item, what would it be and why? Article coming on 17th June. Get ready!
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