“It is the big choices we make that set our direction. It is the smallest choices we make that get us to the destination.”
—  Shad Helmstetter.

Looking to update? Give me a refresher …

Tired of the same old patterns? Embroidery is revived by Palestinian refugees; highlighting their culture and heritage while giving you the chance to high-five INNASH’s remarkable work. 
Ready to move on from that old favourite bag? At last! Go for a more exotic, multifunctional, versatile and affordable bag by Emm Kuo. A luxurious touch to your every day look!
Enough of pumpkin soup and pumpkin pie! Is it Christmas yet? Not quite, but start preparing your palate for delicious sparkling Christmas cupcakes. Check this special recipe to get you started!

What people are talking about…

Storytelling through your clothes. The title of a new book? Nope, but the sculptor-like technique of Naomi Maaravi, who builds every garment of her recycled collections piece by piece.
Capturing businesses through a lens. A new kid on the block? Nope, it’s Mario Testino, the businessman, who explores the duality of business and fashion while juggling another thousand projects. Made-in-Peru with a global footprint.
YA literature. Did I miss something? Probably yes, but not if you are under 18 and obsessed with books like The Fault in Our Stars, Divergent and The Hunger Games. Easy reading right?

Have you heard of?

Long lunge! You mean at a fencing class? Nope, at a yoga class, where yogi children are given the power to control their own actions, through imaginative moves such as “Tremendous Tree” and “Sailing Sawn”.
H.A.P.A.? You mean the Hawaiian word? Nope, the Hollywood Academy of Performing Arts, the first acting school without frontiers preparing young talents for the exciting world of acting!
A detox-stopping clothes-shopping? You mean a magic drink? Nope but a Fashion Manifesto with 50 simple and playful recipes for reinventing your closet. Shop in your own wardrobe! 

Why should you stick around this month?

On 6 November…
Looking for a colour palette encompassing metallic copper, stone, black and silvers? Look no further as the Inverno collection, signed by UMA® Raquel Davidowicz, brings you the best of Made-in-Brazil.

On 9 November…
Looking for sophisticated shoes with a touch of romanticism made for the femme fatal? We’ve got it! Luxury footwear label De Siena showcases all Italy is known, loved and celebrated for.

On 12 November…
Watch your back, artwork is literally jumping out at you from the pages. Are you nuts or in front of some sort of illusion? Watch Stefan Pabst creating jaw-dropping magic through 3D art!

On 15 November…
Indulge yourself with L’ODISSEA! Don’t panic Ulisse won’t be part of this journey but luxury handbag designer Jalan Sahbá, will walk you through her latest timelessly, iconic bags collection! 

On 18 November…
Dressing up your paintings? Why not, especially when done to enhance women beauty. We all know that beauty empowers a woman; it radiates confidence and brings out the best in her!

On 20 November…
We were at the "K-Beauty Close-up" by ARTISTRY to learn on future skin care innovations, get the latest R&D developments and all the necessary K-nowledge for our skin!

On 23 November…
"Who's afraid of Women Photographers? 1839-1945". Thomas Galifot, scientific curator of this exhibition presented jointly in the Musée de l'Orangerie and the Musée d'Orsay tells us more!

On 26 November…
Scissors, glue and paper! Ready for the Paper-Cut-Project? In theory yes but the transformation of simple sheets of paper that you’re about to see is beyond any snip snip you’ve seen before!

On 28 November…
We talk to the artist that makes dresses out of figs! Gretchen Röehrs introduces us to her jaw-dropping creative dresses made from fruits and vegetables. Get a banana and let’s get started!

On 30 November…
In search of a col Claudine popular in the 50’s? Louise Motte’s col Claude collection is a new reinterpretation of collar accessories to free yourself from conventional bow ties and ties. A new oldie?

What's New?

Delightful Discounts!

Leanne Claxton is offering to our FG readers a 20% discount on her entire winter collection of scarves until 30th November. Just use promo code: FGCLAXTON20 during your next purchase at:

PSSST…we’ve got two new competitions for you…

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Looking for a bespoke hand-painted scarf?

Leanne Claxton is giving away this bespoke, Dinali, hand-painted, 100% silk, chiffon, pink or blue scarf to someone chosen at random from those who sign up to this competition!
It is handmade in England and no machinery is involved. It has been washed and finished by hand. This is a bespoke design exclusively painted for the FG Magazine. The initials of the winner will be added to the scarf once the prize has been awarded to a lucky FG reader. Don’t miss the opportunity to win a bespoke scarf made just for YOU!

The competition runs from 6th to 30th November!
Looking for a stylish bag?

Little Hill People, a Boho Fashion brand inspired by the exotic tribesmen of Northeast India, is offering this snazzy Luwan Tote bag, made out of the Manipuri tribal shawl called the ‘Haophi’ to someone chosen at random from those who sign up to this competition!

The competition runs from 6th to 30th November!
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