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November 17, 2022

ClickToPay for Sage 100

The fastest way to get invoices paid with no additional cost. Watch this demo video to learn more. When it’s easier for a customer to pay,
they are more likely to pay on time.

Offering ClickToPay, you can:
• Expedite receivables
• Eliminate problematic paper invoices
• Support multiple payment methods
• Reduce duplicate data entry

P.S. - This all happens within standard Sage 100 Paperless Office using your existing forms. And you can disable ClickToPay on a customer by customer basis if desired.


Welcome to the Schulz Says email newsletter.

We publish every Thursday with news of interest to Sage 100 users and consultants.

Sage All-Hands Partner Meeting - Today November 17, 2022

Sage announced FY 2022 earnings yesterday which saw revenues rise by 6% and net income up by 8%. The results met or exceeded most expectations and were positively received by investors. North America showed total organic revenue growth of 10% and organic recurring revenue from Sage Intacct was up 31%.

Today Sage continues planning for FY 2023 with their Partner All-Hands meeting in North America being held today at 11 am PT / 2pm ET . Partners can register here.


Other Technical News

  • 🎢Disney World increases ticket prices for second time in a year (CNN)
  • 🍵Starbucks Red Cup Day returns Thursday with free reusable cups (Axios)
  • 💷Sage stock price up on positive FY 2022 earnings report (Sage)
  • 👨‍💻SWK Technologies public parent reports Q3 2022 earnings (Silversun)
  • 😓Evernote's fall from grace is complete, with sale to Italian app maker (Register)
  • 🍎Apple Launches Revamped Website With All-New Design (Macrumors)

SMBVIEW- Industry News for VARS 

Help Wanted - Sage 100 Consultant

Are you skilled with Sage 100 and looking for a new gig? 
Last call for this position which can be remote or on-site. You'll need 3 years recent Sage 100 experience. Please reach out directly to or call 515-223-9308 for further details.

P.S. - ^ This is a paid help wanted ad. If you'd like to place a paid advertisement here's a FAQ of how to do so.


Are You Unable to Activate eFiling or see "Demo Mode" on eFiling and Reporting Forms?

It's that time of the year when thoughts begin turning to printing year-end forms such as 1099s and W2s. In the past there has been an issue for some ( but definitely not all ) users who receive "Demo" on their forms or otherwise are unable to activate eFiling.

Sage has a lengthy list of suggested fixes and I can't say that any specific one has been the cure-all.

Amongst the top fixes: 
  • Company does not have an active support plan
  • State/Federal eFiling and Report may have been installed on a workstation with User Account Control not set to "Never Notify" (it should be set to "Never Notify" prior to installation)
  • .NET 3.5 is not installed
Here's a link to the full Sage knowledgebase article 20022 which you might want to bookmark for use as the year-end filing season draws closer.



How To Escalate Bank Feeds Issues With Sage

Sage KB 99572 contains instructions for anyone struggling with some aspect of Sage's bank feeds. Sage 100 v2020+ have a utility to export technical information which you can access with  Sage 100 - File - Run - *UTL and selecting Bank Feeds Support Information Export.

Sage 100 2019 and 2018 have a standalone utility which can be downloaded here.

Wayne Schulz
Cell: 860-516-8990

Schedule a time to talk ( link to my calendar )

SPONSOR: DataSelf Analytics for Sage 100

Customizing Analytics for Sage 100

Maintaining Sage 100 reports is time-consuming! This 30-minute webinar will show how IT and business analysts can automate and simplify the creation, refresh, and distribution of Sage 100 reports & dashboards by:
  • Using the next-generation ETL+ technology for connecting to and optimizing Sage 100 data for reporting.
  • Using Tableau, Power BI, or Excel, simplifying the report design and enabling quick customization of reports.
  • Empowering managers with the most powerful natural-language search engine plus the industry’s most extensive analytical reports library.

This deeper dive into DataSelf Analytics includes how you can get DataSelf installed and provide key Sage 100 metrics in under 10 minutes.

Audience: Sage 100 report writers and business analysts
  • Joni Girardi: DataSelf Founder, CEO, & self-proclaimed ‘Data Geek’
  • Don Farber: DataSelf Industry Analyst
Customizing Analytics for Sage 100 (30 min video - no registration req'd)


How To Calculate System Date For Visual Integrator Imports

  1. Open Import job in Import Job Maintenance
  2. Open date field in Data Tab
  3. Select Calculated as Operation
  4. Enter the following Calculation: DTE(0)
  5. Click Accept to accept change


TLS 1.2 Compliance Update for Sage 100

Sage released an updated chart showing versions of Sage 100 compatible with an upcoming change at Sage.

Beginning in October 2023, Sage License Servers ( SLS ) will no longer accept communication using the less secure TLS 1.0 and 1.1 protocols. This means if your Sage 100 version is not at least one of those listed below you'll want to upgrade before October 2023.

After October 2023 if your Sage 100 ( subscription ) is not at one of the supported versions shown below your data may go into a read-only mode once your systems fails to login to SLS.

My suggestion is you set a goal to stay within 2 versions of the current release which is Sage 100 2022.

Full PDF Here



Auto-Complete May No Longer Work With Avalara AVATAX is Installed

Several users have reported that auto-complete may no longer work to lookup customer accounts when the Avalara Avatax enhancement is installed.

Here are the steps to see if Avalara's enhancement is the cause.
  1. Download and install the latest AVATAX for your version of Sage 100 from here
  2. If autocomplete still doesn't work - rename AR_Customer.M4L in the MAS90\AR\ folder and replace with an unmodified version
  3. Go to the Sage 100 File menu and select - File - Run and *ESC (turns off customized screens)
  4. Test


Picking & Shipping Workflows Explained (with Demo)

Here's a great YouTube video ( 26 minutes / no login req'd ) that walks you through several different ways you may be able to enhance your warehouse operations ( that's a fancy way of saying do more with less people ).
  • License plating - what is it?
  • Pallet tracking
    • Pre-allocation
    • Stage items
    • Single-scan your staged pallet
  • Advanced Picking and Shipping
    • Staged sales orders
    • One-step shipping
  • Directed Picking and Allocations
    • Split picking - multiple people pick one sales order
    • Businesses with large sales orders for one customer
    • Directed picking tells the picker where to get the item
    • Allocations at sales order (Automatic, Pre-allocation)
      • Reserve items by location within warehouse
      • Bin location is tied to the item on sales order
  • Demo
  • Q&A



What Are The Differences Between Sage Fixed Assets Lite, Single-User, Network and Premier?

Are you confused by the various versions of Sage 100 Fixed Assets?

Each of the versions have slightly different functionality and limits to the number of assets they can process as well as whether the version can run on a network.

I have a concise summary of the differences between each version available on my website here which you might want to bookmark or PDF for future reference. 




Sage 100 version 2022 - File Layouts Online
Sage 100 version 2022 - Online Help
Sage 100 - Required Internet Access


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