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Weekly Sage 100cloud News and Tips


Upcoming Sage Price Changes - New Effective Date

New pricing coming on 10/1/2020 for Sage 100 ( perpetual ) and Sage 100cloud ( subscription ).
  • Sage 100 Perpetual list price  +15%
  • Sage 100cloud Subscription +5% and tiered user pricing

Here's how Sage explains the tiered user pricing change: 

We are moving from a volume-based pricing model to a tier-based model.
According to our current model, we offer volume rate discounts based on the number of users on an account. In October, our model will become ‘tier-based,’ which means that subscription customers will pay a different rate per user, depending on the user-tier they are in. For example, their first 5 users will be billed at one rate, their next 5 users will be billed at a lower rate, and so on. The change applies to Sage 100cloud, Sage 300cloud, and integrated Sage CRM users. It will allow us to improve our processes and serve customers better by providing them with increased transparency, more accurate quotes, and greater notice on renewals.

These changes were announced several months ago and temporarily delayed at the start of the pandemic. They are now on the calendar for October 1, 2020 implementation.

Note - Sage 100cloud users will not have to pay an increase in excess of 10% as per their EULA.  It does not appear that the same price increases cap applies to perpetual licenses. Full announcement available here.

Upcoming Training & Webinars Worth Attending

  • July 20-21, 2020 - Crystal Reports: Beginning class 
    • Hands-on training in Sage's virtual classroom with top trainer Sue Ketchem - great training guide provided for after-class refresher or sharing with others in your office.
  • July 22, 2020 - Sage Third-Party Applications Conference 
    • Nobody's traveling for the next 12-18 months - this virtual conference sponsored by Sage brings together their endorsed solutions for your review.
  • July 28, 2020 - CRM User Conference
    • Peter Wolf and friends welcome you to a jam packed day of CRM, CRM, and more CRM. It's hard to beat the free price too.
  • Anytime - Various ISV Webinars ( Mostly Recorded )
    • Sage Basecamp - the brainchild of several prominent Sage ISVs - is open for visits 24 x 7 and offers free videos and literature
  • August 12 - Creating Dashboards Using Sage Intelligence Reporting
  • October 6 - Using Business Insights Explorer to Work More Efficiently
  • December 17 - Making the Most of Visual Process Flows

Two New Sage 100 Communities from SchulzSays


Looking to Stay Current on a Daily Basis with Sage 100? - Sage 100 User Group 

We just broke 115 registered members on this group, I'm posting the latest updates and technical tips regarding the North American version of Sage 100.

I'm not the world's most active Facebook user but FB groups are an easy place to join since by default many users already have an account so there's not the "create yet another login/password" that would be associated with a standalone group site. Join Sage 100 User Group on Facebook.

Are You A Partner Wanting To Stay Up-To-Date With Sage? - Partnerland User Group

This group is only for currently active Sage partners, ISVS, and Sage employees. We just broke 59 members.  This is more of an industry news sharing group that allows us to share items that wouldn't be of interest to most end-users.

Stay Safe! Let me know if I can help.


Wayne Schulz
Cell: 860-516-8990




Production Management and Serialized Items

If your company maintains serialized inventory and you previously used Work Order to create batches of serialized items AND automatically assign an incremental serial number be advised this capability does not presently exist in Production Management ( Sage's Work Order replacement).

There's no word on when ( or if ) this feature might be added back to Production Management.

Entering a large number of serial numbers manually during an item's creation can be tedious so if you use serialized inventory please test prior to going live with PM.


Peter Wolf of Azamba is working with several other CRM consultants to host this virtual Sage CRM conference on July 28.  The agenda has recently been updated and looks great.

Peter emailed me this update last week: 

My consultants are working double-time to get this put together and we’ve added quite a few partners in the last week.  The event will be 7.5 hours long – there are a ton of sessions – the general sessions are geared towards non-technical / business users.

Check out the detailed agenda here. There's no cost to attend.


Bookmarks: Sage 100 Helpful Reference Materials

What Version Is "Safe" To Upgrade To?

First, before deciding to upgrade be sure all third-party integrations are compatible with the version you are upgrading to. Consult your Sage business partner for their recommendation and assistance.
  1. GLAPAR - Go right to Sage 100 2020 
  2. Everyone Else - Go with Sage 100  2019

What's New In Sage 100?

What's New In Version 4.x Through 2020? - Google Doc

Additional PDF Documents:
  • What's New Sage 100 2020 PPT Slide Deck  ( PDF
  • Feature summary - eInvoicing for Sage 100 ( PDF
  • CCPA Readiness using Sage 100cloud ( PDF )
  • What's New Sage 100cloud 2020 Datasheet ( PDF
Tech Documents - Upgrade Guide, Supported Platforms, What's New ( website )

What Sage 100 Versions Are Supported?

Sage 100  Supported Versions 

Where Can I Get Training on Sage 100? 

Anytime Learning - What's New In Sage 100 2020 ( 41 Minutes ) 

Discover how to get the most out of your Sage 100cloud solution here.

Where Do I Download Sage 100 Version 2020?

( This download works for all flavors of Sage 100 )

Download site - Sage 100 2020 Full Product

Other Info

Sage 100cloud version 2019 - File Layouts Online
Sage 100cloud version 2019 - Online Help

Sage 100 - Required Internet Access


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