Live the LIMMUD Principles!
(aka: Two Jews, Three Opinions!)

22 & 23 August 2015
at Diocesan School, Auckland
LIMMUD NZ - guided by LIMMUD International principles - promotes learning, community, debate "for the sake of heaven” (no winners or losers), and respect for all participants and sessions.

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A key principle is Diversity:

We value choice, diversity and accessibility in all our learning. We seek to have the greatest possible diversity of Jews participate in our activities.

This year we again present a range of speakers from young and old(er), religious & secular, New Zealanders, Israelis, Americans and even a few Australians! Among them are two presenters who have recently been getting headlines for very different perspectives on the Iran nuclear deal:

Abe CooperAbraham Cooper from the Simon Wiesenthal Institute writes: "It is the height of folly and naiveté to believe that the Iranian regime will change its stripes in the next decade. Yet, no one denies that this agreement will enable the Iranians - even if they don’t cheat - to eventually acquire nuclear weapons and the ability to deliver them." (Simon Wiesenthal Centre 14 July 2015).

Roger CohenBy contrast Roger Cohen from the New York Times refers to the Iran deal as "a moment of guarded hope" arguing that "it is far better to have deep American-Iranian differences — over Hezbollah, over Syria, over regional Shiite irredentism, over Iran’s vile anti-Israel outbursts — addressed through dialogue rather than have Iran do its worst as pariah". (NYT 16 July 2015)

Join us at LIMMUD NZ 2015 to hear a range of subjects, some differences of opinion and lots of chances to challenge your thinking.
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