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My start as an artist.

Photo: woman in desert with saguaro by roxanne darling
As an emerging artist with many tastes in art, I've created this newsletter to share what I'm working on right now.

This photo was taken in Quartzite, AZ with a drone camera. I love the perspective it gives — a slightly uplifted POV that allows a larger field of view in the image capture.

It's also the first purchase from my I AM series of nude portraits in nature. I'm building out the body of work by writing poetry to accompany each image. (And submitting to juried exhibitions and photo contests! Please let me know of any galleries that might be interested in showing this work.)

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Here's a quick text from the buyer:
"I am looking at your art work and smiling. It sits on the wall I see when I wake up from my bed each morning. Thank you." Karen D.

Title: I AM: Discussing Age at Sunset with a Saguaro

I learn, the saguaro stands still,
singular and self-contained
for up to 90 years
before growing an arm.

I mention, that
I’ve often felt like a puppet,
too many arms tangling
in things I don’t really care about.

Sun setting.
Tucking my arms in.
Still standing.

Black and White Drawings: 100 Completed!

I joined the #100DaysProject on Instagram last year to make a new drawing each day. I flunked the "daily" part of the process but I did complete 100 drawings. This practice revealed to me that I do have a drawing style and it is fun, quirky, and elicits imaginative comments from those who've seen the work. I love hearing the various interpretations. I just posted these on my website last night - you are the first to see them all in one place. 🥂
#026: Sliced
This process has enabled me to develop a vocabulary of styles, creatures, and moods. Here are my parameters:
  • Use permanent ink; no pencil guides or measuring
  • Allow body movement to initiate each drawing; no pre-conceived ideas
  • Post every drawing as created on Instagram; no rejects
9 black and white drawings next to a leather chair

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I love doing mockups of my art in people's spaces. Reply to this email if you want to try that out. It's a funny thing how the brain works - the art seems to come to life when it's placed on a realistic looking wall!

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