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Love Thy Nature

Anchoring Change

Dear <<First Name>>,

We're thrilled to be sharing exciting news with you! Since our premiere last fall, we've screened Love Thy Nature at film festivals around the US and across the globe; received 17 awards; revamped our website; and just signed a distribution deal with TUGG.

Plus, we're opening in theaters in San Francisco and the Bay Area in the Spring!

What is even more exciting is that Love Thy Nature is now available as a tool for non-profits to advance their vision and promote change. Local, national and global NGOs - whose mission is to protect and/or strengthen our bond with nature - can now use the film to further their causes: they can have guest speakers at the screenings, attract new members, and even raise funds.

We're deeply honored to be joining forces with some of our most esteemed non-profits, which have been beacons of change in the "human-nature" movement.

One such organization is Bioneers. With 25 years of visionary leadership, the founders Kenny Ausubel and Nina Simmons have been bringing together a myriad of scientific and social innovators, igniting "A Revolution from the Heart of Nature."

We're overjoyed to be co-hosting with Bioneers our first theatrical screenings right on time for Earth Day!

Apr 17th-23rd - Vogue Theater - San Francisco, CA.
Apr 19th, 4:15pm - Rafael Theater - San Rafael, CA.

Plus, the New Parkway Theater in Oakland, CA, selected Love Thy Nature for their "Doc Night" on April 14th at 7pm.

If you are on the Bay Area on Earth Week, make sure you get your tickets soon.

And if you're at the helm of an organization (including NGOs, schools, community centers, spiritual groups etc.) and would like to explore a screening partnership, contact our talented Outreach Producer Matthew Chandler.

Theatrical... "on Demand?"

That's right. The distribution company we just closed a deal with - TUGG -  has a cutting edge method of grass roots screenings some have coined as "Theatrical on Demand" or TOD. The idea is that anyone interested can now host a screening at a theater (or campus, or community hall, etc.) near them!

How does it work? That person (the "promoter") goes to our TUGG-Love Thy Nature page, requests a screening at the time and location of their choice. We promote the event (via social media or otherwise) and if a minimum number of people are interested, a "threshold" is met and the screening is green lit.

Besides having an opportunity to share Love Thy Nature with their community, as mentioned earlier, hosts can invite guest speakers, present their own mission to viewers (as long as they are in alignment with our own); broaden their own audience base, and even raise funds.

Interested in hosting? Go to our TUGG page or email our Outreach Producer Matthew Chandler for any questions.

Think of this as Biomimicry for film distribution. We're doing it the way of nature... releasing seeds in the wind, landing on the most fertile soil, growing into trees, connecting with the web of life.

Grassroots at its foundation.

Wishing you Nature

The Big Picture

Sitting at a hotel desk in Athens, the striking sight of Acropolis in the distance invites deep reflection. I realize that the core message of Love Thy Nature is ancient, but its resonance is urgently needed now.

And while a film could never alone change the course of history, it can ignite a fresh spark within a movement, and in the hearts and minds of viewers.

As I connect with audiences after our festivals' screenings around the world, I'm elated to find that spark, shining in unique and delightful ways.

When I hear a middle-age man thanking me for the "love fest" or a college student sharing that the film helped her set a new course for her life, or the story of a shy 7-year old, who, right after watching the film, threw himself in the arms of a stranger, I'm both gratified and grateful beyond belief.

And that's yet another reason - besides the film's immersive quality, best experienced on the big screen - why I feel it needs a theatrical life. It creates connectedness, a sense of community, of shared experience and joy. It also ignites a desire to "be that change" - not from anger, but rather from hope and inspiration.

And as I gaze at the Acropolis, I'm reminded that if the Ancient Greeks succeeded at ending the Barbarian era and birthing the ideals of democracy and freedom - our civilization too can end the "Nature-Barbarian" era and anchor the new ideals of a "Nature-Inspired" civilization.

The time is now. But it will not just take a few "environmentalists." It will take all of us. With action - no doubt - but one fueled by connection, inspiration, and yes, love.

Can you think of a more fun way to change the world?

just do it!

See you at the movies.

Film Director
"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth."

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.

Frank Lloyd Wright
"Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life."
Rachel Carson

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