As you might imagine, we have a mostly upbeat, passionate, fun, purpose-driven, appreciative, and slightly-quirky culture, but like any organization we have our ups and downs. To help even out the inevitable bumps along the way, we use many of the same research-based practices as our like-minded peers. 

For example: like Menlo Innovations, we use project boards to share our priorities. Like Team Detroit, we have our own (albeit lower-tech) system for expressing appreciation to others. As Kim Cameron recommends, we do monthly Personal Management Interviews as the basis for positive and productive relationships in the workplace. As Gretchen Spreitzer studies, we co-work, so nobody on our staff has their own office, allowing for rapid and informal information flow. 

Rosa the tortoiseAnd did you know that having an office pet also reduces stress? We did. And that is why we have a beautiful African red-footed tortoise, called Rosa.

In the Consortium of Positive Organizations (of which Menlo and Team Detroit are members), we encourage sharing of the principles and practices of building great workplaces that make a difference in the world. Like everyone else, the culture of the Center for Positive Organizations is a work in progress. Please email me with the ways you are building a positive organization where you work!

Managing Director, Center for Positive Organizations


Conscious Capitalism 2016

A CPO partner event
April 12-14, 2016
Greater Chicago area
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Positive Links Speaker Series: Alison Davis-Blake

Organizational miracles: The role of positive organizing in recovery from crisis
April 13, 2016
4:00-5:00 p.m.
Michigan Ross Colloquium or watch online
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Positive Business Conference

An annual gathering of positive business leaders and learners
May 12-13, 2016
8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Michigan Ross
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Understanding positive business: Learning how to lead

Companies have a pressing need for good leaders and in this Ross Thought in Action article, Susan J. Ashford explains that employees don’t have to wait for special training to become one. Read more

David M. Mayer to receive Academy of Management award

Associate Professor of Management and Organizations (and CPO core faculty member) David Mayer will be presented with the 2016 Cummings Scholarly Achievement Award at the Academy of Management’s annual meeting in August. Read more

How to help your new hire off to a great start

Read Chris White’s latest Huffington Post blog on why learning about one’s reflected best-self can help teams to work better together and improve employment relationships. Read more

Robert E. Quinn interviewed​ in Forbes

In the article “Is your work headed down a negative path? Why your mental maps matter,” Quinn encourages people to challenge their beliefs and elevate their aspirations. Read more
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+Grams and Gratitude
To celebrate 100 days until graduation, a group of MBA students have partnered with the Center for Positive Organizations to send gratitude +Grams to MBA2s (second year students). In its first year (last year), 1,040 +Grams were sent to 531 students!

Applying POS to Your Life

With a cadre of nearly 40 faculty producing Positive Organizational Scholarship-themed research, there isn’t a shortage of great information about how and why to integrate positive practices into your life. We’ll introduce you to some of those practices here each month.

Respectful Engagement

Research by Jane Dutton and Ashley Hardin, in conjunction with Abraham Carmeli of Tel Aviv University, demonstrates that how people engage with their colleagues has an impact beyond what they may expect.

In fact, respectfully engaging with colleagues actually generates higher levels of creativity at both the individual and team levels.
In a more demanding work world, the cultivation of respect is challenging, this research reminds us that respectfully engaging is not just a nice thing to do, but has the potential to provide strategic advantage for organizations through cultivating creativity. Read more

5 Questions with Professor Jane Dutton

Learn more about CPO Co-Founder Jane Dutton in our monthly five question, five-minute interview series.

Jane DuttonQ: What is your favorite positive practice and why?

​My current favorite positive practice involves constructing others positively. This shows up in all kinds of ways. For example, when people introduce other people so that one can more fully see and appreciate their gifts and talents, their experience and their unique extraordinariness, I see the incredible impacts this form of "positive other construction" has on the person being introduced, the introducer, the dyad and everyone who witnesses the introductions. ​

Q: What area of positive organizational scholarship research resonates most deeply with you?

​For me, there are three areas which resonate deeply. One is in the example I just provided. It concerns​ ​how we can use (and can imagine using) everyday occasions and actions to create positive meaning—positive meaning about the self and others, positive work meaning, and positive organizational meaning. Not all meaning is equal. I think it is fascinating and powerful to think about making meaning that fosters human capacity and capability. ​I am also passionate about high quality connections (and positive interrelating at work) and compassion in work organizations.

Q: If you could tell anything to the "you" of five years ago, what would it be?

​Remember, life is short. Look for others' amazingness. Listen more, talk less. Enjoy the day.​

Q: What was the last book you read?

​The last book was Lead the Work by John Boudreau, Ravin Jes​uthasan, and David Creelman. It is part of trying to understand the new world of work ​and all the possibilities this affords for research, teaching, and simply understanding the world my children are living in. ​

Q: What is one thing you cannot live without?

​My family and a skinny grande cappuccino.


Jerry Davis and Chris White

Jerry Davis and Chris White

Lead Positive Change Without Authority
Positive Links Speaker Series: March 2016
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+LAB Fellows

+LAB Fellows

This dynamic learning environment immerses students in the theory and practice of Positive Organizational Scholarship.
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The Center for Positive Organizations inspires and enables leaders to build high-performing organizations that bring out the best in people. We are a catalyst for the creation and growth of positive organizations. Learn more about our opportunities below.

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