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Hi <<First Name>>,

Welcome to Day 5 of the “Meditate with Ease” journey. While there are many different types of meditation, I teach that there are 2 foundational types (and those are the ones we'll cover in this challenge). Up until this point, we've been practicing the first one- Concentration. Today you'll learn the second- Mindfulness.
As you learned, CONCENTRATION practices will help you steady and focus your attention, to allow distractions to pass (so you don't constantly get swept away by them). It's a fundamental skill for all other meditation practices.

And while it may bring temporary peace and calm, concentration practices don't bring long-term happiness on their own.

For long-term peace and happiness, you must add MINDFULNESS practices. We have a tendency to cling to pleasure, push away pain, and ignore the neutral. And it's that tendency that causes us to suffer.

The path to happiness is to accept that change is inevitable and find peace during the "good", the "bad", and the "neutral".
 Mindfulness helps you cultivate the capacity to be with ALL of your experiences (thoughts, emotions, sensations, etc.) with more acceptance and curiosity, and less judgement. 

This will allow you to find peace with things as they are, along with the space to gain truth and wisdom into the things that keep you stuck (and discontent).

And with the truth and wisdom (that arises through mindfulness), comes transformation! 
The difference between mindfulness and concentration meditation is:
  • Concentration has you focus your mind on a single object, like the breath.
  • Mindfulness meditation expands your focus from a single object (the breath) to anything that's happening inside or outside of you at any given moment.
There are two ways to practice mindfulness:
  1. Formally (in a scheduled meditation session)
  2. Informally (by bringing mindfulness to your daily activities) 
***You'll get the most benefit if you add both formal and informal moments into your day!
  1. Try this "Body Scan" mindfulness practice 
  2. Choose one activity for your informal practice. Rather than allowing your mind to wander or daydream, Bring as much presence, curiosity, and non-judgement to the activity as possible. (examples are showering, brushing your teeth, drinking coffee or tea, eating a meal, etc).
Share with us in the Facebook Group   to be entered into the day 5 drawing. Head to the FB group, and look for the "Day 5" thread I started. (be sure to post it on the proper thread, so I can keep track of who's playing!)
  • Share how the guided practice felt for you. Did you feel sensations? Did you notice your tendency to judge any of the sensations?
  • Tell us what activity you'll do mindfully today.

See you in the Facebook group!
PS. If you're just joining us, or missed any of the previous emails, you can get all caught up by clicking here :)
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