7 Day Challenge!
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Hi <<First Name>>,
Quick heads-up before we dive in. Today's lesson is a bit theory heavy. And the assignments aren't meditation based, but are CRUCIAL for establishing a consistent practice.
So I invite you to do the concentration breathing practice on your own (without guidance), before reading the lesson and answering the questions. Set a timer, sit comfortably, rest your attention on the breath, and bring it back gently when your mind wanders. Many of you wanted to learn how to meditate without here's your chance to practice :) 

Welcome to Day 4 of the “Meditate with Ease” journey. We're at the halfway point and you're doing great! Contrary to what you may think, you'll likely never find time for your practice. You have to make time.

The first part of making time for your practice has to do with your MINDSET. And it's dependent on believing your practice is important enough to prioritize. Constantly re-connecting to a powerful "why" will help you do that.
"There's always enough time to do what's important to you. If you aren't doing what you want in your life, it's because it isn't important enough to you [yet]."
Larry Winget

The second part of making time for your practice is STRATEGY. And that's what we'll cover today....some powerful strategies I discovered when studying the concept of "habit creation".

What constitutes a consistent practice will differ for everyone. For someone just starting out, even if you think you want a daily practice, the thought of actually committing to that may feel overwhelming. Instead start off with a smaller goal that feels good. And then you'll feel jazzed about accomplishing your goal (instead of bummed for failing). And be more likely to set bigger and bigger ones over time.

And someone who's already meditating, may feel good about upping their practice to 1 or 2 sits a day.

The key is to start with something that feels easy to achieve. Don't overwhelm yourself with what you think you "should" be doing in your practice. Instead, decide what you "desire" to do. If you overwhelm yourself out the gate, your practice won't feel good, and you'll quit before you can establish the consistency you seek.

2. Choose a CUE
A "cue" is something that serves to trigger your practice. Some powerful meditation cues are: 
  • a location (which we established with our sacred space yesterday)
  • a specific time of day
  • another action (or as I like to call it, a "habit hack")
A "habit hack" is when you use an already established habit (like brushing your teeth), to trigger your practice. So, for example, you'd make it a point to meditate every morning immediately after brushing your teeth. Then eventually, brushing your teeth will subconsciously trigger your mind to meditate.

3. Commit by SCHEDULING IT 
I think it was Marie Forleo who I heard say "If it's not scheduled, it's not real." Let's face it. We're busy people. And if something is on the to-do list, but doesn't have a slot in our schedule, we rarely get to it. So use your achievable goal + your cue to decide on when you want to meditate, and write it down!
  1. Decide on your "achievable goal". And know it can and will change over time.
  2. Choose a specific time of day or a "habit hack" to cue your practice. 
  3. SCHEDULE IT! Put it in your calendar at least until Sunday.
Share with us in the Facebook Group   to be entered into the day 4 drawing. Head to the FB group, and look for the "Day 4" thread I started. (be sure to post it on the proper thread, so I can keep track of who's playing!)
  • Share your "achievable goal" (what you'll commit to when the challenge ends).
  • Share your cue.
Tomorrow you'll learn the second foundational meditation technique! (if you forgot the first, it was concentration) :) And, don't worry, tomorrow will be much less theory heavy than today!

See you in the Facebook group!
PS. If you're just joining us, or missed any of the previous emails, you can get all caught up by clicking here :)
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