7 Day Challenge!
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Hi <<First Name>>,

Welcome to Day 2 of the “Meditate with Ease” journey! Today you’re going to create a sacred meditation space in your home. If you think about it, we have dedicated spaces in our homes for everything else. Cooking, bathing, sleeping, eating, working…. So why don’t more of us have spaces just for being and reconnecting with ourselves?!
"The secret to a home meditation practice is to create a space where the busyness stops."
Thich Nhat Hanh
Having a space in your home devoted solely to meditation (and other spiritual practices) is a very powerful way to establish a regular practice. It helps by:
  • Serving as a visual trigger to invite you to practice daily, and
  • Creating an energetic area that can help quiet your mind, and induce feelings of peace and calm when you enter it.
So, today I invite you to create a home sacred meditation space. My clients love this activity. And it's as powerful to your practice as it is fun! Take a few moments to scout your home for an area to create your meditation space. This can be as simple as a corner in your bedroom. The only criteria are:
  • You can sit comfortably (a cushion or blanket will help),
  • It’s uncluttered (remove anything unrelated to your practice),
  • It’s relatively quiet and you won’t be disturbed (it’s helpful to ask your family or roommates to keep the noise down when you're in there),
  • You only use the space for meditation and other contemplative or spiritual practices (to enhance the meditative energy of the space).
Concentration Meditation
Once you create your sacred space, start raising it's meditative energy by doing this concentration practice in it (either now, or later in the day when you have 13 minutes to spare). We're sticking with the concentration meditation for now because these 7 days are really about creating a strong foundation, and that's what concentration does :) But don't worry, we'll add some variety shortly.

Share with us in the Facebook Group   to be entered into the day 2 drawing. Head to the FB group, and look for the "Day 2" thread I started. (be sure to post it on the proper thread, so I can keep track of who's playing!)
  • Post a picture of your meditation sacred space. Remember this isn't a beauty contest. Your space can be as simple or ornate as you'd like. Play around with it throughout the week until it feels really good and nourishing to you!
Tomorrow we’re going deeper with an activity that will help powerfully connect you with your practice, so you can find more ease around showing up.

See you in the Facebook group!
PS. If you're just joining us, or missed any of the previous emails, you can get all caught up by clicking here :)
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