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Can you believe that we are at Day 10, the final day of #AskForTraining?

Over the last couple of weeks we have given you so many resources to help to get you to this point. The point where you ask for the training that you need and deserve.

Yesterday we gave you a template email to send to ask for a meeting in which you can discuss your training needs. It may be that the meeting is not immediate but that is fine. 

Today we are going to give you a template that allows you to send all the information ahead of the meeting to back up your request. Make sure you send any internal forms, your business case and any other back up information that you have put together.

In your workbook, you will find a template for an email that you can tailor to your needs. Fill it in and then send it!

In your workbook, back on Day One, there is a logo. It is pink and it says 'I asked for training'. We hope that lots of you will post this one on social media. It will encourage those that have not found the courage to do so to be inspired to follow suit.

So what happens when they finally say yes to the meeting. How do you present it all?

Remember that whilst the meeting is about you and your training needs, your Executive will primarily be interested in what it will do for them, for your department and for the business - so focus there. As an Assistant, for every hour that you become more efficient, it gives you back an hour to support your Executive. And every new skill learned will allow you to support them better. If there is a particular skills gap in your team, frame your request in terms of how the training will fill it.

And remember, when they are considering allocating time and funds for you to go on a training course, your manager will want to know what to expect afterwards. It is equally important to follow up after the training. Report back, either verbally or in writing, on what you learned and how you intend to apply the new skills in your current role.

It’s always good to continue to provide your boss with progress reports and to point out occasions when you use your new skills. This will make them more likely to agree to further training down the line. And don't forget to say thank you! A card or handwritten note goes a long way.

Once they have agreed to send you on the training that you want, there is a blue logo in your workbook which says 'I got training'. Please share this once your training is approved.

It's worth remembering that if you don't ask, the answer will always be no. What have you got to lose? You have everything to gain!

If they do say no, remember that this isn't a no forever. Maybe there is no training budget left for this year because it has all been allocated for example. Keep asking. Ask what you need to do in order to ensure you get training in the future. 

In Richard Arnott's excellent #askfortraining video last week he quoted this phrase


'What If We Train Them & They Leave? What If We Don't & They Stay?'

It really made me stop in my tracks and think. It is relatively easy to measure and attribute a cost to the first question, the second is much harder but may potentially be costlier. The cost of doing a role for a number of years, without the knowledge and skills that you really need to excel, means that the business has essentially missed out on years of your potential expertise. 

You can address this very simply. Although some employers refuse training because they worry that, once you gain new skills, you’ll be eligible for a different role elsewhere, make sure you address this during your meeting. Talk about how you plan to use your new skills at your current company. 


There are more resources and videos being released today over on our social media and YouTube channels. We have so many new videos to release today that they may well spill over into the weekend so keep checking back for new content.

If you are part of a network or have colleagues that you think should go through this two-week #AskForTraining program, there is still time. I have set up all the emails on an automated campaign so if you want to encourage others to start from the beginning, then they can visit to sign up FREE to take part!

Don’t worry if you have missed a day. You can access the videos and bonus items at any time on our Facebook and LinkedIn Groups or via Twitter! And, if you have any questions, you can email either Kathleen DrumColette Walsh or me to get can get advice and assistance.


A huge thank you to all the trainers, speakers, assistants and influencers that have taken part over the last couple of weeks. The feedback has been incredible and it reaffirmed to us that this was a campaign that was really needed - so many of you didn't know where to start to ask for training.

A final thank you has to go to Kathleen Drum, our incredible editor and our dear friend Colette Walsh,  a retired EA with a passion for the profession. The two of them created the campaign and put together your workbook and ebook. What an amazing job they have both done!

We are so pleased that you found the campaign useful. Please keep hold of the resources so that the next time you need to ask for training it will be easier.  We have loved spending the last two weeks with you and are keeping everything crossed that you get the training that you ask for.

Today’s tasks:

  1. Watch Lucy Brazier's final #askfortraining video

  2. Compose your email based on the template in the workbook.


  4. Catch up on all the new content and resources you may have missed over on social media and YouTube Channel

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