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Hello <<First Name>>,

Welcome to Day 6 of the #AskForTraining challenge. 

Today we need to work out what the best window is for you to undertake the training. 

Obviously, if you are wanting to attend a specific conference or training course, then those dates are set and you will need to begin with looking at when that training is taking place - but with some other types of training, in-house training for example, you will be able to choose a timeframe. 

When does your training budget run from? It's always easiest to look at the big picture and how much budget you have for the year, then you can plan your time around that. Most companies will have a per head per annum budget for training, even if you are not aware of it. It's usually calculated based on a percentage of your salary - so go and ask.

Then think about what times of the year are unavailable for training, as you’ll need to plan around these. This could be things like Christmas, over the summer as chances are a lot of people will be on holiday, or any particularly busy periods you have as a business. Busy periods may be different from team to team, so take this into consideration when you make your plan.

Now you should be left with a really clear idea of what times of the year are the best for scheduling in that training - and some might have to wait until next year. You obviously don’t want to overload yourself with lots of training just for the sake of it, because while you may feel it looks impressive, you don't want to overwhelm yourself. Really think about what training is needed right now, and what can wait.


Once you plan out how much time you actually have free in the year, you will see there will be chunks of time for you to fit your training into without having a negative impact on your team’s work or output.

It’s really easy to just say, “Oh we’re too busy for that,” all the time, but when you plan out the time you will clearly see the windows – as long as you plan in advance!

Ideally, you will need to have a good EA to fill in for you and support your Executive, so start to think about this. Who would you like to cover for you?

You can make your time out of the office a whole heap easier on yourself by having a comprehensive Administrative Procedures Manual.  Not only will it work well to put one in place for when you are out of the office taking training but it's also a superb way of ensuring everything runs smoothly if you are off sick or on vacation.

Creating an Administrative Procedures Manual is not a task that you are going to be able to do in one day but here is an article which will help. Or you can visit Julie Perrine's website for your administrative procedures toolkit which is also available for OneNote.

And after you’ve done that, don’t forget to fill in your workbook with times and dates when you will be available for training as well as thoughts on who will cover for you when you are away.

Our YouTube channel has new videos today from Lindsay Taylor, Lisa Olsen, Corrie Fourie & Shelagh Donnelly. We'll be releasing them throughout the day.

Don’t worry if you have missed a day, you can access the videos and bonus items at any time on our Facebook and LinkedIn Groups or via Twitter! And, if you have any questions, you can email either Kathleen Drum, Colette Walsh or me to get can get advice and assistance.

Have a great day and see you tomorrow, when we will start to get into researching available trainers and events.



Today’s tasks:

  1. Watch Lucy's video for Day Six

  2. Check your calendar for windows for training

  3. Think about who might cover for you

  4. Complete your workbook

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