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Hi QCCP readers it's been a while between Newsletters. September to November has been a busy time. We have just returned from two Travel Photography Workshops in Japan.

The next couple of newsletters will help me to catch up with workshop books and image reviews from Mount Cook, The West Ccast and our Fiordland Workshop.

In today's newsletter I will share images from our:

Otago Winter Master Landscape Photography Workshop  July 8-12 2015

And announce our new Creative Travel Photography Book


Here it is, our  new Creative Travel Photography I Book. This is a ring bound book a little bit wider than our previous two Creative Landscape Photography books.

Packed full of inspirational ideas and techniques  that we feel you will need to get the most out of your travel photography experience. 105 pages in all.

Please send your order to me creativephotography@xtra.co.nz 
NZ$45.00 plus $5 postage to New Zealand.
Australian AUD $49.00 includes postage to Australia
We will post to the rest of the world, just let me know what country.

Payments made through direct credit to our New Zealand or Australian accounts or via paypal. Just let me know what you would prefer, I am waiting to take your order in person. 10% discount on multiple copy orders.

This would make a great Christmas present !! Ho Ho !!
This is the general layout of the pages. We describe what we are photographing and the techniques that we used to make the images.
The images below are from the OTAGO Winter Workshop.

Next year's Winter Workshops will be at Mount Cook.
14-18 July 2016 and 18-22 August 2016
Send me an
email if you would like more information.


Andrew Johnson

I really enjoy the calm emotion in this image. The spacial relationship of the snow covered mountain, the frost covered field and the clear open sky is perfectly balanced.

The low angle of the sun is the  key, without this low angle of light the mountain wouldn't have the same wonderful three dimensional quality. The monochromatic blue tones add a crispness to this cold morning scene and the neutral density grade filter holds the eye within the frame.

The fact that the peak of the mountains are just a little off centered helps to balance the triangular shaped shadows.

Ian Purden

Ian's images tells quite a different story of the same place shot on the same morning.
This is more a story telling image with the car stopped down the road. It creates questions of where is this,  and whats going on.

The road is very carefully coming out of the right hand corner. Cropping to this panoramic ratio helps to take the emphasis off the road and makes the horizontal mountain range more powerful.

Ian's colour pallet is clean and balanced. The blue colour cast that might normally be found in the shadows has been de-saturated making the landscape fell clean and fresh.

The key to the shot lay in the composition of the mountain range, the dark shadowed mountains on the left of frame balance the road on the right.


Maurice Field

This is a classic shot from Maurice.  We enjoy the way you have framed up the bike with the window.
It looks just right.

This sepia toned version with film grain and brightening on the edge of frame makes it feel like an old time print.

This bike is actually mounted on the fence and is one of the icons of Middlemarch celebrating the end of the Central Otago cycle trail.



Michael Fellows

As I look at this image I smile along with it.

It reminds me of the cartoon character called Wallis in  'Wallis and Gromet' or at least it's the kind of house they might live in. It's got an animated look to it.

In Photoshop Michael has made the sky monochrome and saturated the colour of the building. To me it makes the building look like it's covered in skin and the white drapes in the windows look like teeth.

The added interest comes from the house being on a slight hill, this disrupts the symmetry and makes it feel more lifelike.
Wallis and Gromit

Sue Thomson

This triple exposure is a great way to bring rhythm and movement to an image that otherwise could be too simple. 
This was shot with a Canon 5DMKIII with the 'average' setting. With the Canon camera body you can use live view to help line up and compose each capture. In this case it looks like Sue has zoomed in to different parts of the mountain.  The power lines on the right/top help to balance the dark shape of the mountains below.
It's a sunrise.


Thomas Jensen

We will all like particular images for different reasons. This is is one of my favourite images from Thomas because Mike is one of the silhouettes and because it reminds me of an old western movie. The third reason why I like it is because I was there and it brings back good memories of wondering around the town in the fog.

I like the way the hands are being held out from the bodies, it looks like these two figures are about to shoot one another. Perhaps its also the heritage shop front and the fog that adds makes me think of  a western movie.

The key is in the gesture,it is one of the key things to look out for when you are photographing people.

I have done an edit to Thomas's image above. I have changed eight things.
The people who send me an email with a list of the changes that I made will go into the draw to receive a copy of our new Creative Travel Book.

Jackie Ranken (tutor)

f4, 160 sec, 400 ISO focal length set at 105mm  Canon 5DMKIII

Conical Hill, Middlemarch Otago

Making a photograph as apposed to just taking a 'snap'  is about choice. Choosing to stand in a particular spot with a particular lens and settings the camera up to capture the light is all part of that.

I chose this place because it's where the dirt road stops and the tar begins. I find it interesting. The road is a leading line that take a viewer into the shot.

I was hand holding my camera so needed to keep my shutter speed faster that the focal length of the lens. That is why my aperture is f4 and is ISO is set to 400.
Notice that the depth of focus looks pretty deep, even at f4. That is because my subject is a long way from the lens ! These are the kinds of things that we discuss in our workshops.

The best way to learn about photography is to 'do it' and to earn from doing.

Mike Langford (tutor)

This is a double exposure made in Mike's new Canon 5Ds. The multiple exposure blending mode that was chosen was 'dark'. This makes the dark tones sit on top. (this is different from the shot from Sue that was on the average setting.

Using 'Live view' he was able to compose the shot. Paying special attention to separating the multiple power poles from one another.

The red colour is from the sunrise with plus 4 saturation and plus 4 contrast added to the landscape picture style.  This made the resulting jpeg have really black blacks and it turned the orange hue of the sky to a stunning red.


See the Otago Landscape book published on ISSUU HERE
About our  QCCP Master Retreats

In this case the Otago Winter Workshop was instigated by Michel Fellows and Andrew Johnson who wanted a workshop to coincide with their holiday schedule. They were keen to make further explorations of New Zealand's Otago and the Maniototo landscapes in the winter, when the likelihood of hoar frosts are highest. (June/July are the coldest months in NZ).

I suggested that we could invite four other photographers that they had met on other QCCP Workshops to bring the number up to six. Emails started to flow and the group came together quite quickly. (My apologies to those who missed out).

If you have an idea for a Retreat/Workshop please let us know and we will do our best to organize it.

What is on your bucket list of places you would like to see and things that you would like to photograph?

Perhaps it's icebergs?  Well photographed  icebergs in Aoraki national Park on our Mount Cook workshop and will be sharing them with you in the next Newsletter.


"To be creative we sometimes need to go out onto a limb.
If the limb breaks while I am out over a river then I will be caught in the current and taken somewhere new. If the branch holds my weight then I get a unique view of life, I can return to the tree trunk if I wish and try another branch.
Neither outcome is better just different. What matters is having a go. I feel that expressing your creativity and connecting and sharing this vision with others is the way to go"
. JR

On our QCCP workshops we ask you to go out onto this literal limb, we ask you to push your boundaries and be vulnerable. Mike and myself promise to be there to support your efforts and celebrate your successes.

The first step is to learn the craft of photograph, to be exposed to the history of art,  art photography and the Masters. Then be out there doing it.

In October at the Australian Institute of Professional Photography Awards (The Canon APPA's) in Melbourne,  Mike was awarded his Grand Master of Photography gong. Congratulations Mike.XX

So now we are both Grand Masters in Australia and New Zealand.
Standing with us is NZIPP Grand Master Kaye Davis and NZIPP President Katherine Williams
The power of Critique

We have created a Private Google + community where they can upload and receive feedback from not only Mike Langford and Jackie Ranken but also from your fellow members.

There are two groups
One for sharing images from QCCP Photography Workshops LINK

and the second is for sharing any of your images. To qualify to enter this Private community you need to have attended at least three of our workshops LINK

Analyzing each others images and giving constructive feedback is a great way to help one another and also yourself. It helps you to 'slow down' and take the time to really try and see what it is a person is trying to say in an image. There are times when the best feedback is to ask questions of the author of the image. Or just say what it is that takes your eye and how does it make you feel.

Images are created to express something and it's not always beauty.

QCCP Photographic Workshops – 2016



January 5 - 7   Nevis Valley - Mini Workshop with Mike - Otago - New Zealand

January 4 - 9   'Sturt Summer School' with Jackie - NSW Australia FULL

March 17 - 21   Otago Landscape - New Zealand

March 25 - 27  Portrait Workshop  - New Zealand

April 15 - 18     Autum Colours I - Queenstown - New Zealand

April 25 - 28     Autumn Colours II - Queenstown - New Zealand

May 26 - 30      Landscape Photography - Kinloch (Otago) - New Zealand


July 14 - 18    Mount Cook - Winter - New Zealand


August 18 - 22    Mount Cook - Winter - New Zealand


September 15-19    West Coast - Haast - New Zealand


October 12 - Nov  12   Tibet - China (Booking now).


November  14 - 24     Japan Autumn Colours and Snow Monkeys

Please email me for more details on any of the workshops above as our QCCP website is in the process of being rebuilt.

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