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Welcome to the Week #3 digest of for-sale digital businesses. 🚀

Last week had a 50.5% open rate and 18.9% click rate. 

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This is an experiment. Each week you'll get a curated list of interesting digital businesses for sale, in the $500 - $15k range. This is a sweet spot for early stage projects that need a dose of love (marketing, features, effort) to get to the next level.

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As always, do your due diligence.
🔥Exclusive Offer: 🔥
🎯 New Ask = $10k (down from $15k)
The seller of last week's listing is a Tiny Acquire member, and offering a 50% reduction in ask price to subscribers.

👍 Contact Eyal if interested.

The niche is a good one and I like the branding. Would need technical support going forward, but could be good way to dive into a competitive market.
💰$400 rev / $350 profit – 📊 2500 users – 🖥 Web App - SaaS
🚀 This week's opportunities →
This is pretty replicable, but brand is decent and the previous orders / facebook pixel might get the right marketer up and running faster at a low price point.

💰$900 rev / $600 profit

📊 1,200/mo traffic

🖥 Shopify - Dropshipping

💌 375 emails

I'd be shocked if this went for less than $10k. The advertising pixel data alone is worth that. I asked for revenue confirmation and got it. Interesting boutique brand, probably best for a marketer.

💰$30,000 rev / $7,000 profit

📊 27,000/mo traffic

🖥 Shopify - Dropshipping
Very interesting starter dropshipping. Brand is great, niche is great. Ad account seems very valuable, with 4+ ROAS campaigns. 

💰$4,000 rev / $1,500 profit

📊 5,000/mo traffic

🖥 Shopify - Dropshipping

💌 1,200 emails


Rare, rare listing. An old, simple content site with consistent traffic and social followings. Tons to work with on this one. Sell merch. Improve SEO/brand. Build email list.

💰$2,000 rev / $2,000 profit

📊 160,000/mo traffic

🖥 Content - Adsense

📸 1000,000+ followers

Fantastic brand in a strong niche. Would want insights into ads that worked for arbitrage, but could add ecommerce or other monetization easily too.

💰$7,000 rev / $2,000 profit

📊 300,000/mo traffic

🖥 Content - Ads

I'd want this for less than $8k, but it's a pretty straightforward dropship asset, pretty solid for a first-timer. Bring your marketing skillz.

💰$3,600 rev / $1,800 profit

📊 3,500/mo traffic

🖥 Shopify - Dropshipping

💌 386 emails

Strong niche, great brand. Would update to feel more global. I'd bid lower than ask. Wondering why there is inventory...

💰$1,500 rev / $550 profit

📊 3,000/mo traffic

🖥 Wordpress - Dropshipping

💌 3,000 emails (?)


Seller not disclosing enough details - specifics on revenue in particular, but could be diamond in rough if scooped up at a low price.

💰$?? rev

📊 100 subscribers

🖥 Shopify - Subscription Ecommerce


Great store in great makeup niche. Seller set it up well, not surprised there are 150+ bids. 

💰$3,100 rev / $2,400 profit

📊 25,000/mo traffic

🖥 Wordpress - Dropshipping

💌 1,500 emails

Really compelling dropship brand, well executed. Bit unclear on overall profit margins, but seller seems very forthright. Included because ask appears very reasonable if due diligence shakes out.

💰$40,000 rev / $5,000 profit

📊 48,000/mo traffic

🖥 Shopify - Dropshipping

💌 35,000 emails


I'd want this for half the ask, but quirky interesting affiliate asset that could use a brand refresh. IMO you'd want to automate as much of this as possible.

💰$1,900 rev / $1,600 profit

📊 ?? traffic

🖥 Content - Ads + Affiliate


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