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Announcing our first two keynote speakers
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Is there a perfect language?

In his book “The Search for the Perfect Language” Umberto Eco reminds us there was once perfect language that expressed, without ambiguity, the essence of all possible things and concepts.

Every language, every technology and design approach is a take on reality, a way to frame it and understand it. Every frame comes with its own way of interpreting the world. Computers with their abstract language made people’s life complicated. Interface and interaction design popped in to ease the journey. 

Interaction14 will go beyond linguistics and look at languages in their multiple dimensions. We will explore the relationships between people and machines and the patterns that shape design decisions. We will create new ways to look at interactions between people and things.

Two provocative keynote speakers

In our quest to expand our horizons, Interaction14 seeks inspiration from related disciplines. Our first two keynote speakers come from the worlds of urban design and comic books. We are honored to have thought provoking thinkers as our first two keynote speakers: Saskia Sassen and Scott McCloud.

Saskia Sassen

A Professor of Sociology at Columbia University, Saskia was named as of the Top 100 Global Thinkers by Foreign Policy magazine. Her research and writing focuses on urban challenges and their relation to new technologies.   
Her approach is radical, mind opening and politically grounded. Expect provocations on ubiquitous computing and Smart Cities, on Occupy movements, sharing cultures and big data.

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Scott McCloud

Cartoonist Scott McCloud will bring visual and narrative to our interactive explorations. Scott is best known for his books about comics theory in which he set a new standard for comics as visual language.

His ongoing experiments with comics designed specifically for the web resulted in techniques like the infinite canvas, which allows storytelling in ways not possible in the paged format of a physical book.
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Looking for visibility in the interaction design community? There are several ways to sponsor Interaction14. Do something creative. Share with the community. Improve the social scene. Support education. Have a booth. Which way works for you?

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Have you ordered your conference tickets?

The summer time conjures up images of beaches, travelling and discovering exotic locations. It’s hard to change gears and think about February and the Amsterdam winter. 
With Saskia Sassen and Scott McCloud as keynote speakers, the Interaction14 promises to be a memorable event. If you already ordered conference tickets, we look forward to welcoming you. If you haven’t, don’t delay. Tickets are selling faster than we anticipated. Early bird and student tickets have already sold out.

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On behalf of the entire team, we look forward to welcoming you to Amsterdam.

Alok Nandi and Yohan Creemers,
Co-chairs interaction14.

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