Bob, Becky, and Colton Bass, Missionaries to Peru, South America. 
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Finally, be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another, love as brethren, be pitiful, be courteous: Not rendering evil for evil, or railing for railing: but contrariwise blessing; knowing that ye are thereunto called, that ye should inherit a blessing.
1 Peter 3:8-9



Dear Friends and Faithful Supporters,

    As you know, we spent time at the beginning of the year in Lima for camps and visits to the doctor. This time confirmed our suspicions that Bob’s heart has undergone stress due to our continued trips to the altitude. Our doctors, both in Lima and in the States, confirmed what we did not want to hear but what we suspected: we can no longer live and work in the jungle, where our only way in and out is through the altitude. The damage the doctor found is reparable, but only if we make drastic changes to our living situation. 

This news came as a huge blow for us. We had planned to live and work in that area of the jungle for many, many years. However, the Lord wasn’t surprised by this news. He had already been working in our lives and preparing us for these next steps. 

As soon as we received this news, we immediately began to pray and ask the Lord what He wanted our next steps to be. We knew we had a great burden for the abused, as we had already been working with the abused in our jungle community. During our counseling opportunities in the jungle, we learned that this work is needed throughout the country. So, we began asking questions of fellow believers living in other areas of the country who are already working in and serving in various capacities. God's burden on our hearts has continued to increase.

Since then, we have been earnestly working toward developing teams, each having specific jobs. One of the main teams will be our church-development team. We realize that without having solid churches in the areas we are targeting, we will not see permanent, positive results of spiritual growth, healing, and restoration. The church-planting team will either work with existing national churches to educate them on working with the abused or will help develop a team from a national couple who desire to plant a new church in the area. 

The other parts of our team that we are developing will work on establishing group foster homes for the abandoned and abused; educating of churches, communities, and local businesses on issues of abuse; and developing campaigns (medical, sports, etc), which will help bring awareness to and support of the ministries. 

In early May we officially moved to Lima, the capital city of Peru, located on the coast. Currently we are looking for housing. As soon as we are able to secure something, Edson and our belongings will catch up with us. 

So, you may be asking: What about your home and the church in Salvación? We are so thankful to able to report that the church has called a young pastor and his wife, who have been living and working in a larger jungle town. The church asked the couple to candidate in early April and then unanimously called them as their new pastor upon listening to their testimonies and hearing the young pastor preach and teach. Currently, they have moved into our home and will be taking care of it in our absence, while ministering to those for whom you have prayed these last few years. 

Church in Salvacion

Interestingly enough, this couple has been burdened for several years now to work with a group foster home. The day before Bob left the jungle, he had a meeting with local officials of Salvación, who agreed that they are in desperate need of such a home. Currently, when presented with a case of domestic or sexual abuse, the community has no safe place to put the victims, who are primarily underage girls. Sadly, they are currently being placed back in the abusive homes. It is our wish and strong desire that our home will be able to serve as a place of hope and healing for these victims. 

Please pray with us for these continued opportunities in Salvación and surrounding communities. 

Su Refugio Ministries


This move and increase of ministries has also brought about another significant change. We will be moving from Baptist Mid-Missions with whom we have worked for the last 8 years to Su Refugio Ministries. The reason for the move is that Su Refugio Ministries is already working in the areas we have already mentioned and their focus will allow us to move into these ministries seamlessly. 

Su Refugio Ministries currently works in Paraguay, Argentina, and Peru. They base their ministries on the principles found in James 1:27, which commissions believers to look after widows and orphans in their distress. We have spent time getting to know their local and international leaders and believe that their heart and ours is the same.  

We want to clearly state that we are not changing anything about our ministry. What we did a short time ago in the jungle, we will continue doing. We are merely changing locations and the scale of work that will be done.  Additionally, we want to make sure to let you know that we are not leaving Baptist Mid-Missions due to any discord, which can be confirmed in a letter they are sending to our financial supporters about our resignation. 

Starting July 1, 2019, any gifts sent to Baptist Mid-Missions on our behalf will be sent back to the donor due to these changes. Any donations received by Baptist Mid-Missions before then will continue to be processed as normal.

Beginning July 1st, all gifts of support should be sent to:

Su Refugio Ministries
PO Box 500631
San Diego, CA 92150-0631

Please put our NEW Project Number (SRM1910) in the Memo Line on your check or in the Notes section online, so that Su Refugio Ministries knows to whom the gift should be directed.

Should you have further questions for us concerning these changes, please contact us, and we will gladly respond and explain in a more personal manner.


- We are grateful for continued opportunities to serve the Lord here in Peru

- We are grateful for our health. Bob's health continues to improve. Becky has also been dealing with some health struggles since our last miscarriage. Colton is a trouper and goes along with whatever we have going on! Thankful for a happy, healthy boy!

- We are thankful for a fairly easy transition to Lima and for meetings that have clarified the direction the Lord is leading.

- We are grateful for positive meetings about the changes we have pending and for new team members, some of which have traveled here from the USA for our recent meetings. 


- Pray for Housing. Currently, we are looking into the possibility to purchase or rent a home in Lima. Pray for the Lord to provide the exact house He has for us. 

- Pray for Continued Health. Now that we have returned to Lima, we will go back to the doctor for further check ups. Bob will need to see the cardiologist, since his last heart episode in Cusco, when we traveled home in mid-March. He gave us quite a scare, so we need to get him back into the doctor. 

- Pray for Upcoming Ministry Meetings. We look forward to jumping into the ministries here on the coast. There is much to be done! 

-Pray for our Team Members. We will be introducing them over the next months. 

Bob, Becky, and Colton Bass
Edson Quispe

Lima, Peru
South America


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