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Fall 2015 classes start August 17th

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Classes in Beginning Photography, Lighting, Intermediate Photography, Digital Imaging, Traditional Black and White Photography, Business Practices and more! 

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PHOT 50A. History and Aesthetics of Photography (4)
Lec-4, field trips   P/NP Available
Illustrated lectures on the achievements of important photographers. Designed to stimulate visual thinking and creative problem solving. Visits to museums, films and slide lectures. UC/CSU

PHOT 50B. History and Aesthetics of Photography Since 1945 ONLINE CLASS (4)
Lec-4, field trips   P/NP Available
History of photography since 1945, highlighting achievements of important photographers. Designed to stimulate visual thinking and creative problem solving. Topics covered are: avant garde, surrealism, symbolism, fictional photographs, structuralists, post-modernism, pop art, current uses of landscape images, contemporary color, and photography's interactions with modern painting, video, performance and computer. Visits to museums and galleries. UC/CSU

PHOT 51. Beginning Photography (3)
Lec-3, lab-3, field trips   P/NP Available / PREREQ.: none
A basic course introducing photographic capture, processing and output practices. Introduction to small format cameras including both film and digital; exposure calculations, film and digital capture, scanning, digital printing, and presentation techniques. This course explores both the technical and aesthetic aspects of photography UC/CSU

PHOT 52. Photographers and Their Images (1)
Lec-1   P/NP Available / PREREQ.: none
Professional photographers present and discuss their work in both technical and aesthetic terms. This is a unique opportunity for photography students to meet world renowned photographers and discuss topics in a question and answer format CSU
Meets six Fridays starting 10/2 - speaker schedule tba

PHOT 57. Photography for the Web ONLINE CLASS (3)
Lec-3, lab-1   P/NP Available
PREREQ.: PHOT 51 or demo of exit skills
Introduction to the role of photography in multimedia. Beginning digital imaging, image acquisition, and the production process. Emphasis on the application of these skills integrated with other digital media. Using these techniques, students will explore conceptually the use of photographic images in multimedia. Includes lab assignments anddemonstrations of hardware and software necessary for the contemporary photographer to succeed in the electronic age. CSU

PHOT 60B Intermediate Photoshop (3)

Lec-2, lab-3, field trips
PREREQ.: PHOT 60A or PHOT 81D or VMD 154 
ADVISE: PHOT 51 and PHOT 100/VMD 101/DSGN 101
An in-depth exploration of digital tools that will provide students skills to create expressive images and explore various electronic methods of output. Students will integrate available technical resources in preparation for a rapidly changing field. The course includes lectures, demonstrations, creative assignments, lab exercises and class critiques. UC/CSU
PHOT 67 Digital Negatives for Darkroom Printing (3)
Lec.-3, lab-1
Credit, Degree Applicable
P/NP Available
PREREQ.: PHOT 51; and PHOT 60A or PHOT 81D or demo of exit skills 
Creation of film negatives from digital files for use in a traditional darkroom. Students will perfect their negatives in the digital realm, output them using digital techniques and then print them using traditional, historical and alternative printing methods in the darkroom. CSU

PHOT 80. Outdoor and Ambient Light Photography (3)
Lec-3, lab-1, field trips   P/NP Available
A hands-on, how-to course in managing natural light. Emphasis is on outdoor and existing light; designed to relate lighting to photo-aesthetics and visual communication. CSU

PHOT 81A. Intermediate Photo: B & W Film/Darkroom (3)
Lec-3, lab-3   P/NP Available
PREREQ.: PHOT 51 or demonstration of exit skills.
An intermediate black & white film photography course with emphasis on film processing and darkroom printing. topics include camera exposure, black & white films and enlarging papers, contrast control, camera filters, elementary lighting, electronic flash, medium format cameras, finishing techniques and aesthetics of photography. UC/CSU

PHOT 81D. Intermediate Photo Digital Intermediate Photo: Digital (3)
Lec-3, lab-3, field trips   P/NP Available
PREREQ.: PHOT 51 ADVISE: DSGN 101; and ENGL 93 or ESL 160
A digital photography course advancing the technical and creative concepts introduced in Beginning Photography. Topics include: Digital camera configurations, exposure control, workflow management, nondestructive editing, image manipulation and enhancement, archiving, printing options, and presentation. Discussions on visual literacy and contemporary photography as well as review of student work are integral. CSU

PHOT 83. View Camera Techinques (2)
Lec-2, lab-1, field trips   P/NP Available
An exploration of the 4 x 5 view camera through hands-on experience. Investigation of exposure, perspective control, and camera movements, as applied to studio, architectural and fine art photography. Cameras and accessories are available to students.

PHOT 85A. Beginning Lighting Techniques (4)
Lec-3, lab-3, field trips   P/NP Available
PREREQ.: PHOT 51 or demonstration of exit skills. ADVISE:  DSGN 101 (concur.)
Through demonstration and hands-on experience students explore the basic and technical use of ambient, tungsten and electronic flash illumination as it is used in photography. Students will work with a variety of lighting equipment and accessories. CSU

PHOT 85B. Advanced Studio Lighting Techniques (4)
Lec-4, lab-2, filed trips   P/NP Available
PREREQ.: PHOT 85A and DSGN 101 or demonstration of exit skills ADVISE: PHOT 83.
Advanced lighting techniques with an emphasis on electronic strobe and mixed lighting techniques as used in advertising and product photography. Emphasis on client-photographer relationships, solving photographic problems imaginatively, and building a quality portfolio. CSU

PHOT 93. Editorial Photography (2)
Lec-2, lab-1, field trips   P/NP Available
PREREQ.: PHOT 51 and DSGN 101 or demonstration of exit skills or demonstration of exit skills
Techniques leading to a creative treatment of typical editorial assignments, including use of several format cameras, variable lenses, multiple electronic flash and typical effects essential to quality storytelling pictures. Students produce a portfolio including feature news, publicity, public relations, and feature story photographs. CSU

Lec-3, lab-3, field trips   P/NP Available
A course for both commercial and fine-art photographers who want to run successful businesses. Topics include writing a business plan, marketing and self-promotion, freelance skills, using computers, legal issues, pricing and estimating, taxes, insurance, and copyright.

PHOT 100 Design Fundamentals (3)
Lec-2, lab-4, field trips
Credit, Degree Applicable
P/NP Available
ADVISE: ESL 150 or ENGL 92
Fundamental design course, covering the theories, processes, vocabulary, and techniques common to visual design disciplines. Students will develop and apply their knowledge through analysis, critique and individual and collaborative exercises and projects.
PHOT 100=VMD 101=DSGN 101

PHOT 102A. Architectural Photography (2)
Lec-2, lab-1   P/NP Available
PREREQ.: PHOT 85A or demonstration of exit skills. ADVISORY: PHOT 55, 83.
The process of documenting buildings and other structures in their environments. Interiors and exteriors of domestic places are photographed for architectural applications. Topics specifically related to issues of architectural photography include: perspective control, use of different format cameras, filtration for incompatible light sources, attention to detail, and daylight effect on form. The role of the relationship of photographer to designer will be examined. CSU

PHOT 130 Portfolio Production (3)
Lec-3, lab-3, field trips
Credit, Degree Applicable
P/NP Available
Prereq.: DSGN 101 and PHOT 81B or 85B or 90 or 93 or
Students will produce a portfolio to begin the process of preparing them for a professional photography career, photographic gallery exhibition, or transfer to a four-year institution. The class will address technical and aesthetic issues as well as portfolio presentation and marketing strategies.


Associate in Science Degree with Major in Photography
The Program is designed so that students may satisfy the requirements of graduation from the College. Students who satisfy these requirements receive the major in Photography if they complete the program of study with a B minus (2.75 grade-point average) or higher. The program adviser of the Photography Department will help students who desire to plan special programs of study.

Transfer Opportunities 
Simply stated, articulation deals with how courses transfer from one college to another. Specifically, articulation is the process of establishing which courses offered at City College of San Francisco (CCSF) are comparable to, or acceptable in lieu of, courses offered at four year colleges and universities. Many of our students transfer successfully to both public and private colleges from our program, most entering in as Juniors.

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