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Public Eye Northwest, March 26, 2012


Ethics Matters

At our Public Data Ferret project and news knowledge base, we're emphasizing public records reporting more than ever. Lately with a big side dish of ethics. It's how we roll. Sometimes using the Washington State Public Records Act, sometimes just delving deeper into new story leads found mining the Government Deep Web. Here are some recent highlights.

UW: $100K-plus Harborview Supe Faked Hours For More Pay

Connected Seattle City Worker Stayed On Payroll After Felony

King County Whistleblower Fired Day Of Complaint, But No Foul

UW Axed Dean Who Faked Credits For 139 Students

Hidden Report: UW Sacked Burn Unit Aide For Diverting Funds

Ex-Bellevue Teacher, SPU Innovator Jailed For Sex Crimes

More in Public Data Ferret's Ethics archive. For other perspectives, check out our archives for King County Local, Washington state, and Open Science. Or roll your own, using the customized search capabilities at our Public Data Ferret hub. The public's business is our business.

Review and Comment On Our Knight News Challenge Application

It's brief, and we hope you'll take a look at our entry in the Knight News Challenge funding competition for innovative news start-ups. Add a supportive comment if you like (very soon please - finalists will be announced April 2), and share the link and a brief introduction with your networks on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr. The theme this round is use of existing "networks" and platforms, which includes what we do: building on online government information sources; and building awareness and working partnerships around our work in the community.

Our Guest Commentary, For Knight Commission On Information Needs of Communities In A Democracy

For Sunshine Week 2012, we submitted and were pleased to have published by the Knight Commission On The Information Needs Of Communities In A Democracy, a special report we prepared, looking at aspects of open government, technology and media in coming years. We see a need for more public-records based reporting online, community capacity building around transparency and information sharing, public-facing government contracting databases, more so-called "open data" and related assessments of its worth, and a host of new social media strategies and tools - some identified in the first-ever Congressional Facebook Hackathon. We also participated in a panel discussion televised on TVW for Sunshine Week, titled Open Government Future: Technology, innovation, Community." View here.


Support Our Work With An Investment

We got IRS approval of our 501c3 status in mid-October of 2011. Individual investors have begun to step up to support our work, for which we're very appreciative. But we've got quite a distance to go on the road to fiscal sustainability. Why consider investing? Major metro regions like Seattle need robust public service reporting and better public information architecture to enrich civic life. Organizations that can partner with others to help build a healthy news and information ecosystem at a time of dramatic change in the news industry, need to earn support. We're taking a leadership role, evidenced in part by the dozens of supportive comments you'll see appended to our Knight News Challenge funding application from leaders in local and regional news, social media, technology, government and business. But we can't depend soley on grant applications to foundations. We need your support. Donate here, or contact our Executive Director Matt Rosenberg - to arrange a conversation.


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