In This Issue: Collaboration & Construction Services Terms
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“The first rule of sustainability is to align with natural forces, or at least not try to defy them.” – Paul Hawken

Collaboration in Construction:
Public-Private Partnerships

While most agree that the economy is bouncing back, many organizations continue to operate with reduced budgets. Our national, state, and local governments are no exception. To complete necessary construction and maintenance projects, many public agencies are turning to more creative forms of financing, including the formation of public-private partnerships.

Public-private partnerships come in many different forms, but essentially one is created when a public entity enters into a contract with a private organization in order to address a specific need. Though not widely publicized, these partnerships are actually more common than you think.

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Over time it is amazing to see what man has been able to create. Large construction projects leave us in awe of how the builders brought everything together. All the work, effort and coordination it took to make these projects happen makes us wonder how such undertakings ever took place. What are some of the most amazing construction projects in existence today?

Rock & Dirt, a heavy equipment marketplace, has put together an infographic that highlights some of the top construction projects still around today. From the Great Pyramids of Giza to the US Interstate Highway System, this infographic outlines interesting facts about these projects with great visual representations. There are also a few amazing construction projects you may not be aware of that made the list.

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Common Construction Services Terms

When one works within an industry, industry-specific terminology becomes second nature, but sometimes we inaccurately assume that individuals outside of our industry automatically understand the words and acronyms we so often toss around.

Therefore, we thought it made sense to share some common industry terms and definitions to help take the mystery out of construction. For the complete list of terms, click here. 

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