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Patsy Simmers, Gail Taylor, Milly Beck, and Norma Stec, each holding the circuit to store a single digit (in a progression of technologies,
ca. early 1960's; ENIAC board is on the left).
Photo credit: US Army

see the past, hear the future

On Friday, February 15, we're hosting a free event at the University of Pennsylvania, home of the original ENIAC computer. Composers Maurice Wright and James Primosch will introduce selected videos drawn from the Video Archive of the Electroacoustic Music (curated by Eric Chasalow, whose Shatter and Glide will be premiered in our Third Space mini-festival this spring).

Pauline Oliveros

see video interviews with Milton Babbitt, Alice Shields, Max Matthews, Paul Lansky, and Pauline Oliveros!
John Mauchly
We'll also have food, drink and conversation with guest
Bill Mauchly, whose father John Mauchly (together with
J. Prosper Eckert) designed ENIAC, the first general purpose electronic digital computer.

Save the date: Friday, February 15 at 7:30 PM, in
Rose Recital Hall on the University of Pennsylvania campus

Join us to hear more about the events leading up the creation of ENIAC, anecdotes about computers and electronic music back in the day (both Eckert and John Mauchly were musicians), Bill Mauchly's experiences with the development of sampling instruments and MIDI, and much more!
Space will be limited for this free event: watch for an email on February 1 on how to make your reservation!
April 5 - 12, 2013

Network's 2012-2013 concert season, electronic.nnm, showcases the innovation and artistry that's flowed from the ENIAC to the technology of today. Using electronic sound and images in combination with traditional instruments, composers create something entirely new for these performances–a blended “third space” that is solely expressive, an extension of the human imagination

Tickets are on sale now for THIRD SPACE, Network's spring mini-festival - and get a $10 discount when you
buy a festival pass for three concerts!


on February 15, for the first time in Philadelphia:

video interviews with pioneers of electroacoustic music


Network will present excerpts of video interviews with some of the leading lights of electroacoustic music:

Max Mathews:
"the first computer musician"

Alice Shields: blending opera and electronics

Milton Babbitt: a maximalist composer

Paul Lansky: exploring the sonic contours of speech

Pauline Oliveros: inside the aural

Join us on February 15 when we screen excerpts from archival interviews with these seminal figures in the field of electronic music.

Watch your email on February 1 --
we'll let you know how to reserve your seat for this one-of-a-kind event!

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