School for Little Children is a bright light. It shines a path toward friendship, empathy, independence, and confidence for our toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. It uncovers a foundation for literacy skills. It illuminates a space for exploration through play.

We need YOUR support to continue to educate, nurture, and inspire our young learners. Tuition covers just 87% of SLC's expenses. Generous donations from parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends of SLC fill the gap.

Your gift can help:

  • keep our teacher/child ratio low

  • fund enrichment programming like music, art, yoga, and Spanish

  • support children with special needs

  • provide scholarship assistance for families

After 88 years, we have come to believe that all children have the potential to thrive in a caring, creative, diverse community. Any amount your family can contribute will help us continue to shine our light.

Thank you for helping us light the way!