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Mark Hughes

Dear <<First Name>>
Issue 2 has taken a little longer than planned—of course—as I've been busy working on the web stuff for the launch of my new web hosting service. This is now live, and tailored to small businesses like therapist/practitioner and freelancer. You'll find information about a great discount offer for anyone interested in a new website, or who needs a better hosting service for their business. Don't forget, if you have any questions about web hosting—or anything to do with your marketing—please reply and I promise to answer.

In this issue:

  • Website Hosting from theWebalyst.com - 50% off
  • Networking4Therapists - apologies
  • Website SEO Tip - web page descriptions

Website Hosting - 50% Off

My new service is now live at ManagedWebsiteHosting.net (part of theWebalyst.com) and to spread the word I'm offering a discount of £20 on a year's hosting, which is more than 50% off the Freelancer/Practitioner package which includes everything you need to run a full featured therapist website (including domain name registration and renewal). So, using WordPress for example, you really could get a business website for under £20 (and no VAT to add).

Even at the full price of £39.95 this would be great value because what I'm offering is professional quality business web hosting. I guarantee at least 99% availability and 24x7 online support (provided by a team of experts who can respond rapidly at any time of day - but you can also speak directly to me when needed). It is also environmentally friendly which is important to me, and means you can be sure your website is not adding to carbon emissions.

Freelance/Practioner Hosting - Launch Offer
For £20 you get a year's web hosting with ample disk space (3Gb) and bandwidth (30Gb/month), unlimited email accounts, web email, unlimited application databases, and one-click install of applications (e.g. website builders like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal) etc. There's nothing to add (I don't charge VAT and domain registration/transfer/renewal is included), plus there's a 30 day money back guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied.

Get your £20 off discount coupon code here.

Know anyone who wants a website?
Tell a friend about this offer here.

Don't want to get technical?
Let me take care of the technical side with my managed website hosting service.

Networking 4 Therapists - I'm Sorry!

In the first issue I recommended the Network 4 Therapists marketing event that I was attending, but on the day realised I was exhausted and decided not to go. If you went and were looking for me please accept my apology—I hope you found it useful. I still recommend it of course, and you can find out about future events here. Note: I have no affiliation except as an enthusiastic attendee—when I make it!

Website SEO Tip - Web Page Description

In issue 1 I explained how to use SEO Your Web Page Titles.  Here I will explain how to add a description and how this will help you get more website visitors via Google (by improving SEO—your postion in search results—and getting more clicks on your search results). Let me know if you find these tips useful or not.

What is a web page description and why is it important?

Your pages may not have a description because normally it is not visible. One place it might appear is in Google search listings, if you have provided one, because... well its likely to be a useful summary to help someone decide if the page is what they are looking for! If you don't provide one Google will do its best, often grabbing some text from the start of the page, or which includes the terms being searched for, in the hope this will be useful. It makes sense to provide a description that will be helpful, because this can increase the number of people who will click through to your website.

Here's an example of how the description you provide can create a helpful listing in the search results (not just on Google, but Bing and other search engines too):

Example search engine results listing (SERP) featuring web page description

The second reason for providing a description is that it helps Google to understand what the page is about, so as well as helping a user pick out your listing in the search results, you can include keywords that are representative of the content of the page, and the visitors you want to attract. So bear in mind the keywords someone might type into Google, when searching for what you are offering on this particular page.

How to create a description for a web page?

The way you create a description depends on how your website is created. If you edit the HTML directly, you will need to create a "description" meta tag, and place this somewhere in the "head" section of the HTML of the page. For example, in HTML this looks like:

  <meta http-equiv="description" content="Hosting prices and features, self managed hosting, managed hosting service & VPS Hosting from &pound;3.33/month. Designed for freelancers, practitioners, therapists and small business." />

If you use a CMS (i.e. a website building application such as WordPress) consult your documentation on how to do this, or get in touch and I'll explain how to do this on your website.

If you need help making changes to your website get in touch as this is one of the services I offer. More next issue.

Read more SEO 'basiscs' tips in my blog

I have to say it is a lot of fun writing this, so please reply with your questions, and any suggestions for things you'd like me to write about in future.

Yours sincerly,

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