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ArmeniaFund Pulse Newsletter  |  Volume 6  |  June 2021
Dear Friends & Family of ArmeniaFund,

  The global health crisis and Pandemic have affected all of us but have overwhelmingly impacted those on the front lines. What do you think of when you hear the term "front line worker"? The first thing that should come to mind is women considering the World Health Organization estimates "67% of the health workforce in the 104 countries analyzed" were women. 

  There is no doubt that the group among these frontline workers that's furthest forward are our nurses. With women outnumbering men "10 to 1" in the U.S. Nursing fields, we have yet another morbid correlation between those who are suffering the most and women. 
In battle, the strongest among us aren't placed in the rear, waiting around as the majority of the world's sick and vulnerable die; they are placed in the front, where their strength and endurance have the greatest chance of saving the lives of the rest of us. And with women at the forefront of this pandemics battle lines, it comes down to one undeniable and clear conclusion.
"We need to strengthen those at the frontlines of the battle and those at the forefront bearing a tremendous burden, our society's women."
Our experience has given us the knowledge to fundamentally understand what it means to be an empowered woman, both here in the U.S. and Armenia-Artsakh. Most importantly, we understand how empowerment, a term often tossed around without much consideration to its true implications, of one Woman, in reality, manifests as empowerment of all those under her care.
- The Armenian Woman -
Empowering Our Pillars of Society
In March 2020, initiatives originating and sponsored by ArmeniaFund, which focused on Women's Empowerment, were significantly expanded and diversified.

In collaboration with the Oghak Organization, we've united to create a series of training seminars titled "Empowering Armenian Women" to teach an extensive range of skills while giving the students a nurturing space to develop their inherent talents further. 
For most women in our classrooms, this is a life-changing moment, a moment that offers a glimmer of hope after an arduous journey through war and displacement. Sometimes, just knowing you're not alone and the difficulties you're facing also affect those around you offers us brief moments of comfort to overcome our challenges.
The "Armenian Woman" role was never defeated nor lost, but neither was it given the opportunity to flourish and live up to its endless potential.
- Our Programs -
A Long-Term Strategic Approach
Offering strategically formulated seminars to encourage analytical thinking, revitalize a person's spirit, and strengthen their self-esteem produces transformative and empowering experiences with lasting social, economic, and emotional rewards.
With greater access to educational platforms and vocational training, the traditional role of the Armenian woman within Armenia-Artsakh's society is rapidly changing and so must we to ensure the overarching success of our people.
Your support of these women didn't just help provide warm blankets, job training, and safe-haven for our incredibly resilient "Armenian Woman," no, what your support of these women has accomplished is far greater. Most importantly, your support has ensured the continuity of "a nationality" and "an ethnicity" whose ethos is carried by its Armenian Women.
Long-term strategic positioning that focuses on reinforcing our strengths and diminishing our weaknesses is how Armenian Grandmasters of Chess have dominated the world. Likewise, we're also ensuring the well-being and prosperity of the families of Artsakh and Armenia by empowering those who have nurtured us yesterday and who will command our future, the Armenian Woman.
Thank you for your support!
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