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Last Thursday at 6am, I opened the back of my car as I usually do, to let the dogs out into the park. A few short moments later I was on the ground calling my husband and 911from my Blackberry that I always carry when I am out. In roughhousing together Jill and Samson, swerved to avoid a post that I happened to be near and in doing so, slammed into me and sent me into that post.
Thus, I am writing this newsletter from North York General Hospital, Orthopaedics ward. Those are my legs pictured to the right - I have a broken ankle on my left and a torn tendon on my right leg. I underwent surgery twice, so last Sunday I knew that the newsletter needed to go out for Monday, but my head had not cleared by then.
I now have a clear (or as clear as it ever gets) head and am facing a long stay in either this hospital or another facility. But hey, it's not that bad! First off, I am lucky to be in Canada - probably the only bill I will receive will be for the ambulance, unless I decide my next cast will be pink instead of white, and that will cost me $20. But being on a ward such as this with many elderly patients makes me thankful that I have my wits about me, I am not wearing a diaper, I have wonderful friends and family and I have no IVs, oxygen tubes, etc encumbering me. I also work for a great company that has set me up so that I can take advantage of today's technology and work from anywhere -- even a hospital!

I will be commenting in the next weeks about hospitals being the great equalizers, cool technology that is letting me stay connected, etc. BUT July 1st is the start of Canada's new anti spam law. If you wish to continue receiving this newsletter, you MUST opt in by clicking this link. According to the new law we need explicit permission to continue sending you electronic mailings.
If you choose not to opt in, that's ok -- I'm doing that too with a lot of my subscriptions, it's a good way to clean house; and if you have decided to continue with us, Thank you!

If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say…
We at DFC are lucky enough to work in a supportive environment. I’m frequently astonished by the depths of workplace dysfunction that some people are fated to face.
Workplace dysfunction can take many forms, and researchers are discovering that some may be worse than others. Most unexpectedly: being ignored at work may have more detrimental effects on employees than being outright bullied.
The Sauder School of Business at UBC has backed a study into that exact phenomenon. Professor Sandra Robinson and her co-authors handed out surveys to their test subjects. When returned, the data showed that, even though respondents believed that being ignored hurt less,
  • “people who claimed to have experienced ostracism were significantly more likely to report a degraded sense of workplace belonging and commitment, a stronger intention to quit their job, and a larger proportion of health problems.” (link)
The study looked at long-term career damage too, and found that, three years after the survey, those who felt ostracized were more inclined to have actually quit.
I’ve had some rough workplaces in my time, and my heart goes out to those who are currently mired in one. I’m glad to see researchers quantifying the effects of toxic workplace behaviour; then we can all build towards making work healthier for everyone.

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