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2012 Update # 1
Amazing things are still happening daily.
In a hurry? Here is the summary: In Africa a school will be opening; in Australia new young canvassers are mobilizing and have already proved that the work will prosper under their hand; in Indonesia persecution threatens, but the workers are zealous and active and were selling a box of Great Controversies a day when I was with them last week; in the Philippines AFCOE’s new school has opened this week and has enrolled an amazing collection of students. And Adventist City Missions needs money to help the canvassers in South East Asia!
Have more time? Here are details.
In December, after working with zealous canvassers in Texas, Eugene and Heidi attended the wedding of David Young and Melissa Allen, a young couple that wrote just last week to reaffirm their interest in helping the canvassing work prosper around the globe.
Then we took off to South Africa where Eugene gave a series of lectures in Johannesburg. There we made wonderful friends. But we also lost our computers to professional thieves who victimized the secured home of our host family.
(An amazing Providence should be mentioned here. These laptops were old and Eugene had decided to replace his before the harddrive would crash. He (ok, I) had ordered the computer and was shocked to find, just before leaving for Africa, that my paid-for order had been inexplicably canceled! So the thieves got old computers and insurance replaced them with new computers. Nothing can be done against the truth.)
But I lost my contact information for thousands of persons. If you are waiting for an email from me, wait no longer. Write me again. I don’t have any of my old emails. I am not complaining! What a relief it was to have a perfect excuse to no longer be hugely behind in writing!
After leaving South Africa we spent ten days in Botswana at a camp-meeting of zealous believers. There we also trained members in the arts of church planting. (And Heidi would add that we saw exciting wildlife there and in South Africa.)
Just before leaving the continent we had a blessed visit with Paul Ratsara in his home. He is the Division President there and has assured me that he loves the self-supporting work and the work of Amazing Facts in particular.
Next we were in Australia. How exciting it was to be with zealous young canvassers! Ariki (and his sis!) and Seth and Kaysie and Rebecca and Michelle and Tara and Taylor-Ann! What a joy to work with them! And they not only learned and practiced at Do and Dare Camp, most of them traded in their earnings for books so they could canvass around their homes! And already Ariki and Seth have organized a small campaign. Aged 12 to 17, these young people are setting an example for older persons in terms of zeal and drive to do God’s work.
We left Australia for Indonesia where we made the acquaintance of Aaron Wajaya. Aaron is a business man that closed his factory a few years ago to devote his energies to doing God’s work. And he and his workers are doing it. I trained more than 20 persons there in the arts of canvassing. But they only had two titles to sell! They had one book on Divorce that had the word “Bible” on the front (in Indonsian.) The other book was the Great Controversy. Now 80% of the population are Muslim. So what do you guess their best seller was? You are right, they were selling 40+ GC’s a day after just three days of training!
Workers from three different cities were there for the training and by the last weekend there the two groups from opposite ends of the Island of Java left for their homes to continue training new people where they lived! These zealous canvassers face danger. Already one of them, Frankie, has been threatened by a Muslim leader. But every day other Muslims were gladly buying the Great Controversy. And these seeds will bear fruit. Soon the canvassers will also have health literature. (More about that below when I ask you for money.)
After ten days in Indonesia Heidi and I took a few short flights to IloIlo, in the central Philippines. I am writing you from there while in front of me sit just over 20 of the first students listening to Lowell Hargreaves giving the first lectures on the first day of Amazing Facts’ new school here, see
And in 45 minutes I begin training them to canvass.
But there is a problem. We don’t have any books to sell here. The ABC couldn’t help. The canvassers I spoke to included one that had sold books for a decade before selling her first Great Controversy. The other said she had averaged about one GC per month. You can see that the books they are emphasizing are not the same ones that we are aiming to sell.
And in Australia we had the same problem. We couldn’t get the books we needed. We didn’t even have the Great Controversy! And even in America we have not had a magabook edition of Ministry of Healing for a few years!
So please send money! “For what!?” you ask. To help print the Ministry of Healing and Christ’s Object Lessons in a beautiful affordable format for the canvassers in Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, and the Ministry of Healing (in magabook form) for the United States. The total cost of printing these two books will be well over $28,000. The new and poor canvassers in Asia are not able to pay much of this upfront. And neither am I able to do it. But I am going to order the books this week because I am training workers this week and they need the books!
So, please, consider buying a box ($50) or twenty boxes ($1000) for these canvassers. And if you have money to invest, this is my commitment to you:
If you will buy a $1000 worth of these books, I will arrange to have them sold for you over the next three years. And I will sell them for $1100 and give that back to you when your books are sold. That is about a 3% return in this planet and an incalculable return in heaven where you will be thanked by scores of zealous canvassers and their converts for allowing them to have access to the books they needed.
Send your donation to:
Adventist City Missions
8100 N Maize Rd.
Valley Center, KS 67147
And if you want to invest, ACM isn’t authorized by its board to borrow money from you. And loans aren’t tax deductible, so you will want to send that money directly to me and hold me personally accountable.
Eugene Prewitt
77 Outreach Lane
Arkadelphia, AR 71923
When you help canvassers get started, you accomplish a great thing.
Heidi and I will be here with the canvassers at PAFCOE giving lectures for a whole month and I will report to you again on what is done with the books that we get.
I have already ordered them. So, please, do send help. Printing corporations will not release the printed books until payment is made.
Hmmm, I didn’t include any of our miraculous stories in this report. Shame on me. So here is one from four days ago. Heidi and I were in the airport in Indonesia. I was reading my Bible and a few minutes later a man named Bowo (Wibowo, but Bowo for short) walked up and introduced himself. He is an evangelist that works with a team of evangelists bringing people to Jesus in Indonesia. And when he heard about the Great Controversies, he wanted a copy. So I have arranged for him to be sent one and already he has written me twice. No, he isn’t asking for money. He is excited about working with fellow-believers to win souls. He has other sources for money. We are his source for extra truth. Amen. I love Divine Appointments.
Invitations have come this week to speak in Sri Lanka and in South Africa again. Pray that we have wisdom to know how to schedule our moments.
Be faithful,
Eugene (and Heidi)

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