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Prewitt’s March 2014 Update

Dear Friends and Fellow Workers,

Last evening (this was written in early March) was somewhat disappointing. Only six people showed up for our Henderson State University Bible study. And though two of these are newly baptized persons (the fruit of our HSU ministry), only one of the attendees is a not-yet-SDA.

I am hoping that midterms are completely responsible for the drop in attendance. (Our last study, on the Law of God in Revelation, was well attended as usual. About 14 persons were there.)

Prior to that Heidi and I spent ten days in the Pacific Northwest, speaking at the Lynwood SDA church (near Seattle) and then at the White Salmon SDA Church (east of Portland). Both of these visits were apparently highly productive. In the former, we were united in friendship to the Clark family (no relation to the Clarks of Arkansas fame). In the latter we stayed with Lisa Allen and her two children and enjoyed sweet fellowship. And more than that, I became familiar with the parents of many youth who have been my students in the past. I give parents of mission-minded youth much credit for what happens well in the world.

And before those trips, we had a week-long visit to train canvassers in Texas.

(It was a result of an experience there in Texas that led me to make my little FB diatribe against the Paleo Diet…which garnered more negative feedback than I usually get on FB. I think the fact that feedback on FB comes almost entirely from friends sometimes creates an illusion that whatever you write is popular.)

GYC was a learning experience for us. I think I will just leave that at that. I learned a lot about what I won’t do in the future.
And that was followed by the Theology or Ordination Study Committee in Maryland. (This was the meeting where the Mall Shooting happened across the road and where Mark Finely gave a Sabbath sermon that helped a great deal.) You are my sponsors for the work I do there. And that work is hard to document for you.

But if you followed my posts on FB you know that I had quite an experience there. And I can see God working. And, myself, I am learning how to work together with the brethren more effectually. That means something.

“One worker who has been trained and educated for the work, who is controlled by the Spirit of Christ, will accomplish far more than ten laborers who go out deficient in knowledge, and weak in the faith. One who works in harmony with the counsel of God, and in unity with the brethren, will be more efficient to do good, than ten will be who do not realize the necessity of depending upon God, and of acting in harmony with the general plan of the work.” {Ev 109}

And Heidi and I, while carrying on the ministry here at the church plant in Arkadelphia, are still working on avoiding that most serious problem of not having land under cultivation when food becomes an issue. We have 23 trees in now, and are putting in more berries, and trying to learn all we can. In the future we expect that several poor people may be able to find sustenance and work this way. (Ellen White provided work and food for poor families in Australia by this means…having land and trees that they could work.)

My calling and usefulness at present involves continued and intense writing. Am speaking and writing currently against what I perceive as a major spiritual error – the adoption of variations of the moral-influence theory. Please pray that I have wisdom as I dialogue with some respected persons on this point.

(And I am learning Spanish thanks to the gift of a smart phone by one of you. Bless you.)

I am not including any special needs in this update. But if you are looking for healthy places to give more offerings, I recommend (donate towards their transcription project or new languages project), Arkadelphia SDA Church (donate towards a full evangelistic effort aimed at the two universities there), Young Disciple Ministries (donate towards there African projects. The Everts are from Africa and know what they are doing with money for Africa better than we Americans who often fall for scams abroad.)

Call this short, but the list of things to do in the Spring for persons with gardens and orchards…is long. And church plants add substantially to that.

Be faithful,

Eugene Prewitt

Three months later….

Dear Friends and Helpers,

Since writing so much has happened. The HSU Bible studies did pick up again. And the result is that we will be holding an evangelistic meeting this fall targeting the two universities in Arkadelphia (both have Adventist students in attendance from converts in our little church plant.)

We made an eventful trip to Portland in April where Eugene spoke at what might be called a congregational Adventist meeting (not something we do often.) Many of the believers were new and it was a pleasure to fellowship with searching persons even in that venue. Pleasantly also, we were able to stay with the Karge family while there for the weekend.

Heidi and I spent part of last month at MEET ministry in western Tennessee. (I always assumed that one of the “M” stood for “Medical.” But as I made the acquaintance with Thomas Jackson (called Dr. Jackson because of his PhD, not an MD), I learned that the “M” is for “Missionary.”)

Then Heidi and I were off to “Our Home,” a wellness center in the Ukraine that features a camp-meeting for active Adventist from Russia, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. There I became acquainted with Louis Torres and can say that we became friends.
The highlight of that trip was seeing with my own eyes an institution that was practicing all that I know about medical institutions. We were there, of course, during the thick of the fighting in eastern Ukraine. And the result of the troubles in that part of the world is that the “Home” needs to transition from Russian heating oil to wood-burning furnaces. The conservative estimate for materials alone for the plan is $90,000. Heidi and I gave a gift and immediately began soliciting others to help. You can still help by giving to that project through Outpost Centers International.

For more info about it, see my posts on facebook several weeks ago and this short and touching video by Nash Dom [Our Home]:

We returned in mid-May to two graduations at Ouachita Hills and some important visits from students who were seeking guidance regarding their mission calls to the Middle East and elsewhere. Two of them will be orchestrating the first student literature campaign in that union in many years. It will start this month in Egypt. (The young principal of our little church school, Rina Harb, is single, part Lebonese, and will be taking part of her summer break to canvass there in that program also. We are proud of her.)

The big news in late May and early June has been all about TOSC. And more than any other reason, that is why I have been so late getting anything out to you all. I have been writing, writing, writing. At our final meeting last week a third view was promoted by about 1/3 of the delegates. They argue that male headship is Biblical (good) but that, for various reasons, women’s ordination should be allowed in those reasons that chose to go ahead and do it. That new twist is one I have been studying (as those of you know who read my raw article on religious liberty.) And I have been writing on it even most of this week.

As some of you may be aware, I wrote a draft of a document on the topic of liberty of conscience as it relates to the question of women’s ordination. That document needs refinement (indeed) but is available as-is at:

A plus from the TOSC meetings has been that I have become familiar with a number of the faithful workers and scholars of our church. I will miss meeting with them now that our last convention is past. (Probably 75% of the members of the committee are also delegates to the GC session, so for them there will be let up.)

Donations for our support seem to be trickling off. Donations through Jesus for Asia, over $1,000 per month previously, were just over $400 for May. But we have no children, so we can live on less than most. Several supporters, though, have said that they can no longer send help. So I may do another fund-raising appeal in September to try to replace them.

Enough about that topic.

On Sunday we leave for Piedmont Valley Youth Camp in Virginia. There we will train counselors and help with the Literature Evangelism class. Then we will be speaking at Ohio Wesleyan University (June 25-28) for an annual campmeeting held in that state.) Then we will be home only three days before heading to Minnesota for a Spanish camp-meeting. Then, God willing, home one day (to help with VBS at our church plant), and then off to Young Disciple Camp for counselor training and two weeks of Literature Evangelism and one of Deep Bible Study.

August we will be at ASI and especially there for the Audioverse Board Meeting. (Have you heard? Audioverse has had 1.6 million down-loads in the last 100 days! That puts us at a potentially 5 million download year, or one sermon for nearly every Adventist family on the planet.)

May God help us know how to use our time and how to be a blessing. (The Prewitts are reading Volume 5 of the Testimonies for our family worship. We recommend it.) (Some people that I intended to take off the list will get it because I haven’t figured out how to remove a list without doing it manually for each individual.)

Oh, and canvassers trained as far afield as Australia (Seth Roberts) will be joining the Middle East program in two weeks. And one of our recent baptisms in our church plant is canvassing this summer in Alabama. Canvassing is a work that is successful no matter the state of the church where it is happening.


Be faithful,


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