September 2019 Prewitt Update

Dear Friends and Supporters and Mission-story Readers and the Children of these persons:

We love you and miss you and we have a lot to report on, especially in view of the fact that we haven’t written in about eleven months!

Let’s start with some highlights: For reasons that can’t well be explained in a public document, our ministry was asked to leave Aenon Health Center. The reasons for this were related to governmental peculiarities that made our work potentially dangerous for our hosts.

And for that reason, 2019 has been both the year of expansion and fund-raising. Here is a short timeline:

A. January 2019: We started iEAT Jr. in Borneo with five students. Now our new primary/secondary school there has fourteen.

Of the 14 primary and secondary students, seven are not-yet-Adventists who are very quickly becoming Adventists. We now have two teachers and one teacher’s assistant. Donated funding of about $59,000 was sufficient to build the two primary campus buildings and these are nearly complete. On-going needs include salary assistance for the teachers of the younger grades as these students cannot earn their way by canvassing. The salary for the second teacher is $560/month including employer taxes, and of this amount we have $300/month pledged or given from four individuals.

B. January 2019: We had our first graduation ceremony from our three-year program. We have now graduated five men and zero ladies. (Our next graduating batch will include females.) All graduates are in full-time service for the church or its supporting ministries.

C. March 2019: We moved iEAT Sr. (our flagship campus) to Tanjung Tualang

In case you have forgotten, iEAT stands for “The Institute of East Asia Training.” And after three years on the campus of Aenon, here we are in rented homes four hours north of Aenon. We rent while we seek for a property to buy and on which to build. (There is a long back-story to this that is also of a must-remain-private nature, but I am very willing to tell you privately if you ask privately and if I know you.) In short, kind persons donated enough money for building a very modest campus ($159,000) on donated property.

But after significant development of the property (about 2500 man hours and about $16,000) the property suddenly and shockingly became unavailable. And so we are looking at buying property now. And while labor and materials for building are much cheaper than the states, land is much more expensive than in Arkansas ($16,000-$28,000 per acre.). So to build a new our little campus will take, at the outset, about $60,000 for buying four acres of land. I feel like I need every bit of this now as the $159,000 already received will be needed for building. (I’ve thought of just buying the land with what we have already raised and then building just a simple building initially, and adding to it later. But legally, this is much more hassle as agriculture-zoned land can only have one building per plot. It may be a big building, but it may only be one. May God give us wisdom.)

D. April 2019: We hired our first full-time Bible Worker in Sabah, Squanto.

Baptisms have already resulted.

E. August 2019: We hired our second full-time Outreach Director in Perak State, Joshua Cinsuanmang (who is featured on for his testimony while in jail in the summer of 2018).

F. October, next month, we will hold our first Myanmar Young Believers Camp

The camp will be at our Tanjung Tualang garden site. We expect 15-20 refugee children to come to this “YD-like” camp. Funding for this project of $1800 has been received. Another $600 would round off this project for many miscellaneous expenses.

G. Our project to translate the prophetic studies into many languages is going great!

To date we have studies in Malay, German, Farsi, Arabic, Urdu, Bengali, Mandarin, Indonesian, and Turkish. Malay, Arabic and Urdu are completed. The others are in process. Due to kind donations just last week I am not seeking further funding for this project currently.

Also, friends in Germany produced the site (mengapa means “Why?” in the Malay language) for use in Malaysia. You can help by using your adwords credits and actual money to advertise the site on google or facebook, and targeting some random town or village in west Malaysia. Almost any small town you target is guaranteed to have never heard such things before as are found on this site. YOU ADVERTISING TO A SMALL TOWN WITH A 50 MILE RADIUS WILL ACCOMPLISH GOOD THINGS!

In Pakistan about 800 persons are taking the studies under the guidance of a young man there who helped us with the translation work.

H. At iEAT Sr, our training program in Perak state, we have begun having an outreach day each Thursday afternoon. And already this has resulted nicely in discovering several new persons interested in Bible studies. Also, we have opened an English tutorial for local children. One of these, from a Buddhist background, was visibly touched last week to learn about the gospel for the first time.

I. Starting in a few weeks we will start a ministry to the local public universities. These are full of international students from hardly reached countries. So we will have a load of Arabic books for sharing with them.

J. The Ministry of Healing is scheduled to be completely translated by December this year into Malay. That will be an amazing development. We have agreed to pay the translator by paying off her university school bill where she dropped out of a scholarship program to become a full-time missionary. If you want to help such students as her who change course in their career only to be saddled with $3000-$4500 in debt, let me know. (In Malaysia, strangely, when you drop out of a full-scholarship program, you are billed at the full-tuition rate for all the semesters you have already studied. Sadly.)

So besides the regular work that we have been doing in Southeast Asia listed above we have also been involved in youth camps and camp-meetings and GYC-spinoffs in several parts of the world. May God give us wisdom.

* Summary of Receipts, Needs and Ways to Give *

My donors trust me, it seems. But I think I need to be accountable to someone, so let me be accountable to the public.

In the twenty months since January 1, 2018, our ministry has received a total of $249,892.16* in donations.

This figure includes all donations to the ministry through Jesus4Asia, TransferWise, PayPal, cash and wire transfer. It does not include, during that same period, money given for the Prewitt's personal expenses. (Our total personal earnings from all sources in the first eight months of this year is $11,000 including gifts and rents received on our home in Arkansas).

The $249,892.16 that has been received fits into these categories:

...$26,108.73 for paying Bible Workers ($12,186 spent; $1,600 monthly)
...$149,506.23 for buying/building a campus for iEAT Sr. ($19,946 spent)
...$58,925.25 buying/building campus for iEAT Jr. (All spent. Buildings now in use!)
...$2,311.12 for our Borneo Youth Camp. All spent long ago 😊
...$11,636.22 for our translation work. ($9,836.22 spent already)
...$1,401 for miscellaneous projects, all spent long ago.

Current Monthly Expenses

Rental of four homes in Perak, Malaysia, RM 1300/mo
Food and kitchen for both schools, RM 5500/mo
Staff (two Bible workers, three teachers, one kitchen director, one translator), RM 14000/mo
Auto and Miscellaneous, RM 800/mo

Expenses not included: books, as they are taken out of the canvassing earnings below

Average Monthly Income
Average Monthly Income: RM 9350/month (280K/year/12*40%)

Local gifts of food and furniture and reimbursement for services is not included here either. But these things are substantial, the furniture donated in the last year being enough to fully furnish two homes.

Ways to Help:

We have a Borderless TransferWise account that allows us to receive donations as local bank transfers (no exchange fee) in USD, GBP, NZD, AUD, EUR. These details are far below the signature line of this email as they are cumbersome and meaningless to so many.

For Americans seeking a 501-C(3) tax deduction, please contribute through by using this link:

Or, by mailing to this address, including a note that this is for iEAT Malaysia.

Jesus for Asia
iEAT Malaysia
PO Box 1221
Collegedale, TN 37315

Also, you may donate by PayPal to
Also, you may give by the CashApp to $EugenePrewitt

Did you get this far? Then here are some stories for you!

1. Sami, a pseudonym for an Asian friend in the UK, is scheduled to be baptized in a few weeks. And Moni, a pseudonym for an Asian friend living in Asia, was baptized two weeks ago. Both of these young ladies grew up with Muslim backgrounds and found, by intense study of religions, that Jesus is the Savior of the World.

2. Adven, Armi, Noria, Lydia and Noa are false names for Filipino children attending our primary school who have begun to pray like Adventists after being raised much like Sami and Moni above. Their parents immigrated illegally from radically-tinged islands south of Palawan and very near to Sabah.

3. Canvassing stories from Indonesia are worth hearing and can’t be included here. But if I know you, you can ask for them.

4. Eugene proactively contacted the two local police precincts and had meetings with the leading officers. As a consequence of this open and warm dialogue, persons needing to shelter with us after changing religions may do so without concern of harassment from local officers.

5. Persons from a large (1.5 million) Sabbath-keeping denomination (True Jesus Church, headquartered in China) have been visiting our worship services. Two have already expressed significant interest in our church planting in their village. A door may be opening into this charismatic church.

6. Two persons who found their way to Adventism this spring via youtube videos, also left the Adventist faith this summer after finding offshoot youtube videos. But now we are studying with these two precious ladies and it looks like they are coming back to the faith with a more solid understanding of the truth.

7. A Myanmar Zomi family asked us if we would consider taking their 10 and 14 year old children into out adult training program. To help the family, we agreed. And now our students are practicing teaching these two bright and happy scholars and..the result…is that we may open a secondary school here in west Malaysia as early as next January. But I won’t fundraise for that until I know whether it will materialize.

OK. And all of the above amounts to reasons that I have not written an update lately. But what is written above is minus the heart-hurting drama of the last eight months. Heidi has really struggled. Leaving our home once, and then being forbidden to move into a second home that we had been preparing for months, and all of this as a direct result of obeying God over man, has been hard on all our students and staff. And I thank God that most of them have grown in power and courage by staying the course despite opposition.

Do you pray for us? I suppose you do. Too many problems are solved before we even are aware of the difficulty. Thank you.
Be faithful,

Eugene Prewitt

(Below, the cumbersome details of transferwise).

Below are the details for our virtual banks in several countries. We have received over $40,000 through transferwise directly to our work in Asia, saving us about $4,000 in extravagant exchange rates. (If you are in Australia, take note that the details have changed.)

BSB Code:

Account number:

Account Holder:
Eugene W Prewitt

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Bank code (SWIFT / BIC):

DE95 7001 1110 6052 0291 45

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Eugene W Prewitt

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Eugene W Prewitt

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Eugene W Prewitt

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IBAN (to receive GBP from UK only):
GB64 TRWI 2314 7036 7497 30

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