The Prewitts will be moving to Asia... and you should know why.
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Malaysia and China and South East Asia
Tomorrow Heidi and I fly to Palawan, the part of the Philippines nearest Borneo. We will be there a month working with Young Disciple Ministries’ Mission Experience. In previous years youth in that program have been initiated into the thrills of mission service. And a significant proportion of these have since become career missionaries in South-east Asia.

Career missionaries in South-east Asia. Does that have a right to it, or what? One of the reasons the Prewitts left Ouachita Hills College (still one of the best tertiary institutions on the planet) was to give more attention to the problem of Asia.

Granted, we haven’t spent much time there recently. In January we were training persons in southern Brazil. In the fall of 2014 we were mostly stateside (GYC, AFCOE, AdventHope) with a couple important trips to Canada. (For more about these things see our year-end letter on facebook under “notes” on our page.)

But in January, following a series of interesting events, Eugene concluded that God might be inviting the Prewitts to another ministry.

And that is when David Fam informed Eugene of an exciting mission post at a Malaysian medical-missionary training program, AENON.

Let me briefly tell you about that program. First, peninsular Malaysia is connected to the mainland (think Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, China, etc.) It is a Muslim country with strong Hindu subcultures. (It has the Malay people, an illegal-to-reach ethnicity.) And because of the Chinese ethnicity of many Malaysian persons, trade and travel between this country and China is continuous.

David Fam has established there an institution that models what other institutions want to do. The Wellness Center services upper-crust guests from all over Asia, and operates at capacity year-round. Though it is an incredible evangelistic program, it is not a drain on Asian mission finance. On the contrary, it funds itself. And more than that, it hosts a training program for medical missionaries that charges zero tuition. And that training program is also funded by means of the wellness center fees.

(When I say that AENON, the name of the institution, is self-funding, please understand that I am referring to operational costs. Generous donors were needed (and are still needed) for capital projects like building buildings, establishing new centers of influence.)

Those of you who have been following what God is doing on the planet know that He is seeking to unite the medical ministry to the preaching of the Three Angel’s Messages. So Eugene was more than intrigued when Brother Fam said that AENON wanted to start a new training program that would create qualified and gifted Bible teachers to work throughout the region.

Already David had moved forward with the plans. In the last few years housing and class facilities for fifty students has been built, along with staff housing for two families. And this was done before there were staff, students, or even a program.

To make a long story short, Eugene and Heidi agreed, less than one week ago, to accept the call to head-up the development of that training program. It will be a two year (or longer) training program that will (God willing) open in January of 2016. The Prewitts have made a three-year commitment to the program, and will be leaving for Malaysia in September.

As the director, let me share with you some of the philosophy and plans that are going into AENON’s Bible-Instruction program.

First, this will not be another AFCOE (though other AFCOE programs are needed around the world). It is not a short program designed to inspire and train Bible workers and evangelists.

Rather, it is a program designed to give a much more thorough preparation for teachers to operate in the front-line, frontier, and underground churches of Asia. (A very large portion of the workers in Asia are employed by organizations like ASAP, Jesus for Asia, AFM, LMN, etc.)

What we want to do in Malaysia is produce a crop of rounded intelligent ministers that know how to work with the medical missionaries in ways that will bring the Three Angels’ Messages before the teaming populations of Asia.

That requires a higher level of knowledge of Adventism than is current in theological studies.
That requires a higher level of knowledge of medical-missionary work than is current in medical programs.

That requires a mentor-style education where amazing students study under men and women that they can admire as mentors.

And AENON is ideally situated for such a task. It has a continuously running medical mission to non-Christian persons for hands-on practice and observation. It has already integrated with other mission-driven organizations in its region. And what I (Eugene) can bring to the table is access (for the students) to a high-class of instructors in the field of Bible and church history.

We want to produce a class of students that can stem the tide of western doubt or eastern mysticism wherever either seeks to raise their smelly heads in Asia.

Do we need help?


First, the Bible-teacher program will not be funded by the sanitarium. Accordingly, it will be largely funded by tuition. Accordingly, it will be out of reach of many of the very same gifted students that we want to teach. So, we need funds for worthy students. These funds will largely operate the school as I suppose a majority of students will (at least initially) need this kind of help.

Second, the guest-teacher program cannot be funded by tuition. Bringing in gifted experienced instructors that have the highest values, will require some money.

Third, in schools the cart initially must come before the horse. It other words, you need to have teachers and support staff on salary before you have students on hand to pay tuition. We have room for 50 students. But a hopeful and aggressive growth pattern might look like 12 students the first year, 25 the second, and 35 the third. But based on our size and class offerings, I suppose the break-even point would be about 40 students. So start-up costs (to hire teachers, staff) need to be fund-raised. Five teachers/admin/staff would cost about $2500/month. And this would need to be funded, I think, for about two-years to get the school on its feet.

The Prewitts will be earning a good salary for Malaysia ($600/month) but a poor one for paying our American bills. So those of you who give to help us out will be even more appreciated than before as you will be the reason that we can accept a south-east Asian salary for three years.

So the total needed to get this school going, conservatively, from donors is about $190,000 during the first four years. That is only the cost of two people getting their Bachelors in Theology and a following MDiv here in the states. And yet it will be sufficient to help produce almost a score of better qualified workers annually in a more needy part of the planet.

How can you help? Send donations (or have your bank send monthly donations) to:
AENON for China: Bible School
c/o Ouachita Hills College
PO Box 170
Amity, AR 71921
And if you would, please send me a note to regarding your gift so I will know in real time how much fund-raising I need to do.

Want to know more? For an idea of what is already operating there, see:

For a very brief picture of the grounds of the institution from the roof of the main building, see this homemade video (by a student?)

For a secular marketer’s take on it:

Need a wonderful break form the stresses of life and time in a wellness program? Take the wellness session at AENON and use it as an opportunity to become personally familiar with what we will be doing in January.

And as the medium of classes will be in English, some of you may even want to study there.
Here is a partial list (and highly tentative) of classes to be offered the first two years. The numbers represent quarter hours. AENON already has a relationship with the Adventist college in Taiwan so that classes offered at AENON are accepted there. Whether a similar relationship for this new program may be developed remains to be seen.
3 *Nutrition in the Developing World
5 Adventist History (1800 to Present)
4 AENON Lifestyle and Sociality
5 Anatomy and Physiology
4 Asian Religions I
3 Asian Religions II
4 Bible Doctrines
3 Biblical Counseling
4 Church History (up to 1800)
4 Creation Science
5 Daniel
4 Frontier Missions I
4 Frontier Missions II
5 Health Evangelism I
4 Health Evangelism II
4 Homiletics
4 How to Study the Bible
4 Inspired English Literature [Think EGW in English for persons who have English as a second language]
4 Intro to Teaching
3 Issues in Contemporary Theology
4 Life and Teachings of Jesus
4 Marketing Health Lit for Self Support
3 Mission Finance, Records, and Integrity
4 Old Testament Teachings
4 Paul's Epistles and the Gospel
3 Personal Evangelism
5 Philosophy of Adventist Education
4 Public Evangelism
5 Revelation
4 The Hebrew Sanctuary and its Purpose
Finally, for those wondering if they will ever see the Prewitts again after September, you should know that we still plan on being at Young Disciple Camp the summers of 2016 and 2017 and have made plans accordingly to be stateside during the months of June and July in both of those years during the break of the college program.

OK, that is and was our announcement. We are excited to see what God will do in Asia to take the work into his own hands.

Be faithful,
Eugene and Heidi Prewitt
Copyright © 2015 Eugene and Heidi Prewitt, All rights reserved.

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