August 2012

The last time I wrote a mission update, it was largely about money. OK, it was really about helping canvassers in several countries.
So let me begin with a brief report of how that effort went. First, you all gave what was needed at that time. I was able to have more than 17,000 copies of Ministry of Healing printed and shipped to Botswana, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, and the USA. Additionally, thousands of copies of Christ’s Object Lessons were shipped to Australia. A storage facility was purchased in Arkansas for $2,700 that can hold up to 11,000 magabooks and keep them from being damaged by weather.

Workers in each of the destination countries are managing the inventories and selling the books to canvassers at a replacement cost rate. The result is that your gift will continue to be productive for years to come.

In Australia the books have already been given as gifts to every attendee at an evangelistic campaign. Eighty copies were taken from there to Fiji (and/or some nearby islands). One man reported that he had already begun visiting his neighbors and giving away copies. And soon one of the schools there will be using the book for their canvassing training. The Do and Dare youth camp has ordered copies for training their canvassers. And half way around the world the sister camp, Young Disciple, has already distributed a box through its youthful canvassers.

In northern Texas the Ministry of Healing was the second best seller (behind the Great Controversy). In southern Texas it was still among the top five books.  It was a joy to have these books available as they have been unavailable to magabookers for almost a decade.

Many of the books sent to Indonesia have already been distributed to the nearby nations of Singapore and Malaysia. At Aenon Health Retreat (Malaysia) the books were given to the patients there.

All told, more than 10% of the print job of 17,280 copies is now in homes and 30% of the stock is now owned by wholesale organizations that support canvassers. And that is after less than four months of actual existence. Praise God.

In Botswana two groups of canvassers have begun selling the book with very good success. One canvasser there has a table at a busy mall where he sells garden produce (including strawberries, a new product for Botswana) and the Ministry of Healing book. I perceive that the 2,880 copies sent to Botswana will be exhausted very soon.

The next step in this project is to formalize a partnership with Anchorpoint Films and license the production of several of their products in these same countries for use by canvassers. Their DVD’s on Daniel 2, Daniel 7, Daniel 9, the Antichrist, the Sabbath are top-notch materials. I suppose that we will license perhaps three of these (Daniel 2, Antichrist, Sabbath) for use in various fields. I will ask Chad and Fadia Cruiser (the people behind the company) to accept an $8,000 license fee for producing up to 20,000 copies of their DVD’s in only the following countries: Botswana, South Africa, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines. That should allow us to print those units in their respective countries and sell them to canvassers very inexpensively. The upfront costs, aside from the licensing fees, to print the first 5,000 of those 20,000 DVD’s will be about $7,000 (including the packaging). There is already more than a $1000 left form the last project, so that means we need about $14,000 to complete this project. Money will not be needed for the other 15,000 because the sales of the first 5,000 will cover their projection.

But helping the canvassers in those countries has been only one part of what the Prewitts have been doing. When we returned to the US in March we spent delightful time with the most entertaining AFCOE group ever. These trainees are already making a difference in the field and included some workers of the most precious varieties. One of these had lost his home and business (neither insured) in the terrible east-Texas fire that you heard about. But that was, in his view, just fine. It set him free to do God’s work. Another was given a $75,000 violin by an older gentleman in Europe. She had treasured it for years. But while she was at AFCOE, the building where it was stored was flooded by torrential rains and the violin destroyed. Rather than weeping, she thanked God for setting her free from confusion as to whether her life calling was music or more direct ministry.

Then we came home. Oh, how wonderful home was! Our church plant had been prospering in our absence. One man, Michael Smith, was preparing for baptism and today, as I write, he is a faithful member of God’s remnant church and his family are regularly attending church with him.
Heidi and I also began taking steps toward adoption, though we do not have a child in mind.

Then we began working with an amazing canvassing team in Texas. We started in the Joshua church and finished the summer in the New Braunfels church. From among those students were several that have dedicated the next phase of their life to the literature work of the Adventist church. They left more than 390 boxes of books in homes during their ten weeks of work. That is more than three tons of literature!

I left them early to spend a few special days with Heidi for our seventh anniversary. Then we intended to assist Jamaican believers with a regional GYC there. I say “intended” because God did not intend it. I will summarize a long and complicated story by saying that Heidi and I both had our passports at the Indian consulate in Houston, Texas. That organization not only refused Heidi a visa, but they took two months to do it! And when they mailed our passports back to us by Federal Express, Fed-Ex lost mine! By the time it showed up, we had already missed our flights to Jamaica.

Then we were off to Young Disciple Camp. If you know a precious young person between the ages of 12 and 17, you ought to send them to that camp! Souls are converted there every summer. The cost, including airfare, is about the same as one-month’s tuition at an academy, but the chance of it changing a heart for the better is far higher. (Oh, that organization is selling “shares” of a fifty-acre property they are purchasing for camp expansion. And they are selling the shares to youth, complete with certificates. Your youth group can buy ten shares for $50 and be, in a spiritual sense, part owners of the camp that is changing their lives. Interested? See

At camp we caught up with scores of our most precious friends. We found that Katelyn Antuna is leaving for mission service in East Timor. And we learned that two mission-minded girls, identical twins Bonny and Sunny, live near us in Arkansas! We watched one of the most spiritual baptisms ever, that of Caleb Rittenour. And we observed the sobering youthful courage of two young men whose mother sent them to camp from her intensive care hospital room where she was dying of cancer. Both young disciples stood to recommit their lives to the Lord. Their mother survived for about 70 hours after the end of camp. At the end of our first week at camp we had a near-death experience (if Christians can have those) when a powerful win through a log into the window of the van Eugene was driving. But miracles never cease and all ended well.

Then we came home again! We made plans to plant fruit trees (persimmon, apple, pear, fig) on our property this fall. We might even put in some berries and we plan on a full-scale garden next spring. (That will be a new thing for the Prewitts who have never been where they could really garden before. But we live in a good time of earth’s history for having a garden and we want to set a good example.)

ASI followed soon. Eugene felt like a networking specialists there, helping people find ministries and ministries find people and workers find co-laborers. His work has allowed him to get to know thousands of earnest Adventist persons.

And on Monday, August 20, we will fly to Indonesia for a special ARME program there in Bali. Then we will visit Java to work to revive the courage of the canvassers there.

The next part of our fall was scheduled to be in India and Ukraine. But as Heidi was refused a visa to India and as the Ukraine AFCOE was unexpectedly closed, we will be spending a few weeks in California doing a variety of speaking and writing projects there.

So what is money need for now? Primarily, we need $14,000 for the DVD production mentioned above. That will allow me to support the canvassers in Africa and Australia where products have long been overpriced. By printing these in those nations we will avoid all import and shipping costs. Funds for this project have the double usefulness of helping Anchor-Point Films with their noble work of DVD production.

Money for this should be sent to:
Adventist City Missions
8100 N Maize Rd.
Valley Center, KS 67147
Ph 316-755-0063
The Arkadelphia Christian Junior Academy could use help. (Make checks out to ACJA and mail them to 77 Outreach Lane, Arkadelphia, AR 71923.) That school is a mission school being sponsored by a small church plant. It only needs about $3,000 a month to operate the entire school. But for our little church, that is a lot. So anyone that can give even $10 or $50 a month for a year or two, that would take a burden off some over-burdened people. (Our new church already gives far more in offerings than they owe in tithe! We hire a Bible-worker and two teachers, and not counting these three persons, we only have four five full-time employed persons in the whole church. We just became a church this year!)

And I recommend helping Young Disciple with their property project. Heidi and I are already share holders.

Want to do something more radical than to give money? Move to rural southwest Arkansas where you can get property cheap (search Clark County, Arkansas at and be where there are very few SDA’s. Choose Gurdon or Prescott or surrounding places. Have an industry that needs quality unskilled labor? Start it in Gurdon and be ready to employ new SDA’s that are facing Sabbath-work issues.
Know how to garden well? Retire here and teach us how to do it. Our baby church has several new-SDA retirees and six disabled persons. Some of these need something productive to do with their lives. We want to get into gardening. (Already, we have planted things. But, if you are well experienced, you could save us a lot of trouble. Sell your home elsewhere for $110,000 and buy a similar one here for $75,000 with property. If you succeed in selling your home for a good price, that will be miracle-proof enough that you ought to come.)

Self-employed and you can easily live anywhere that has a good phone and internet connection? Please move to rural Arkansas and help us church plant. (OK, there are other places you could move. Just don’t keep living in Collegedale, or College Place, or Keene, or Walla Walla, or Berrien Springs, etc.)
OK, it is time to get back to work. What kind of work? I am writing a six-year weekly series of Bible studies for youth. The project is one-third done. I am being paid to write it, so do not own the manuscripts. But I recommend the lessons and will tell you more about how to get them when they become readily available.

Be faithful,
Eugene (and Heidi) Prewitt
77 Outreach Lane
Arkadelphia, AR 71923
Now if you made it this far, and if you attended an Adventist Academy between 1980 and 2010, please fill out the brief survey found at the link below. It will help me with some research I am doing.

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