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Dear <<First Name>>,
I trust this year of processing is going well with everyone. I believe we are coming out on the other end of it. Some of you may or may not know that when I was only a few days old my great grandfather held me and proclaimed, “This boy will become a great Prophet and Philosopher”.  I have kept these sayings to myself for most of my life. Well the moral of the story is it is coming to pass.
This is now officially my 30thyear in serving God and in Ministry. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit in October 1981, born again in 1980. By December I moved back to my home town and had gathered about 40 teenagers in a bible study. And I have been growing and leading ever since. This number for me is significant because it was thirty that Jesus began His manifestation of destiny. I now feel it’s my time.
In my thirty years of ministry I have been a part of so many miracles, signs, wonders, and divine revelations. In my later years of life I find myself wanting to write, Blog and train others to keep the legacy going. Bishop Miller always used to say years ago, ‘young men want to do exploits; old men want to leave a legacy.’ I am now in the latter group.
I have been writing four books over the last few years. A few months ago I felt very impressed to get them done. I finished my first one on the subject of the connection between manifesting the Divine Nature of Christ and our giving. I have been in talks with Bishop about his insight on the book. My father in law told me I should meet with a Publisher, Tate Publishing on my next trip to Oklahoma. I contacted them, and the acquisition manager told me to submit my manuscript. I felt good about the opportunity but never heard from them for weeks.
They called me back to set up an interview. I flew in to OKC and went straight to the publishing offices. It was quite an operation, extremely professional. I met with the president of the company, and the acquisition manager for about two and half hours. The meeting ended with a twenty-two page contract for me to sign! They said that they receive about 5000 manuscripts a month to go through, but less than 1% get offers. I was one of the 1%!
I will be assigned an editor, art manager, and even a marketing agent to promote the book.  The owner of the company told me that if he thought this book would only sell 5000 copies, he wouldn’t waste my time or his. I am excited to say the least. The contract requires me to pay 3,900.00 as a partner with Tate. Tate will then in turn put in 27,000.00 in services many including, printing, publishing, promoting, and selling. The book will be converted to digital download, and audio format.
I don’t think in all of my years I have ever asked anyone anything for myself. I have been like Elijah many times creating resources, and blessings for so many others. I learned years ago that a true prophet like Elijah can only create resources for others, not himself. When the ravens ceased delivering food, and the brook dried up; Elijah couldn’t command it to keep manifesting. But rather God instructed him that he had already made arrangements in advance! A widow woman was the least likely to be the source of resource but that is how the Kingdom works. Bishop Miller always quotes Ephesians 6:8 from another translation that says, “What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you”.
I am asking you as a friend to partner with me in this next step in our life. The publisher is already interested in my next manuscript. Would you consider helping me launch this next phase of our life and ministry?
I feel it is my time to come forth out of the wilderness. I have been silent for too long. I have learned some amazing things, now I am ready to articulate these ancient truths to the masses. Will you partner with me to make this a reality? I am very interested in finding new connections through this book. I believe it has the power to introduce our ministry to the whole world. And if that happens then you must know that if you partner with us, that you reap the benefits and reward of that.
There is a special blessing in supporting the prophetic voice. We spend our times and days in isolation, dwelling in the shadows of others scorn. But believe me the Lord will do nothing without telling them first. I believe whatever reward we would receive will be upon you as well as you partner with us.
We have a limited time window: The contract deadline is July 27. If we submit our fees before then the project will be secured and begin.
For your contributions of 25.00 or more, I would like to send you a copy of this new book, when published, signed by me personally.

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For your contributions of 200.00 or more, I would like to send also a vial of my prophetic oil that I received in 1997. This oil was instrumental in the great revival that we experienced. I have kept it for all of these years. We will also send you a certificate of Authenticity and a booklet with the history of this oil. The booklet explains the purpose and meaning of this oil. We will also document all of the miracles that happened through this encounter.This oil was given as a gift to me from the Brownsville Revival in 1997! It had set on the altar for two weeks, and the family gave me the first fruit of the oil. Little did I know that June 18, 1997 was the very day I broke the oil out and used it. Revival broke out in our midst. I had no idea until a year later that the Brownsville Revival in Florida began on June 18, 1995!

For your contributions of 500.00 or more, you will receive all of the above plus all of our 30-60-100 fold leadership trainings complete with notes, and PowerPoint slides; all 25 of our podcasts “The I Am Experience” Journey through discovery of the RealU, and our best of teachings on DVD / CD of the last year.

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