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renew, refresh, renaissance ...
& HAPPY EASTER to all of you

How fast this year has passed; beautiful weather has finally arrived to Perth, and as I am writing this newsletter from the kitchen dining room I look outside at my now glorious garden, which was pruned and rebuilt just over a year ago. This is a true testament to the ever changing nature of life as we know it, and the fact that even the deepest sorrow passes and eases eventually (it has been a heart breaking few months with my precious dog and two close girlfriends diagnosed with bone cancer and breast cancers respectively).
Easter to me means renewal, rebirth, renaissance… so let us rejoice to the strength of human (and doggie) spirit that we are here NOW. Let us open our hearts to what may come… we must do better than just survive in the long run!
Sourdough bread-making and cooking in general has been my ‘solace’ whenever life is a little challenging. Sourdough bread-making in particular has given me solid grounding whenever I feel my feet wobble a little. For me it has given me the ‘mindfulness’ moment I need, plus its bounty in the form of delicious sourdough loaves bring so much joy not just to me but as gifts to whoever I may come across as cultured gifts.
So perhaps now is as good time a time as any for all of you who have been absent to go back to sourdough; starter is always free to pick up for my students and $15 to cover the express post to interstate for those students who can’t pick up from me. And if you would like to update and reinvigorate your sourdough, you might like to try the new Artisan Sourdough class (Sun May 28 or Sat June 24). This class is for those who would like to extend your sourdough skills: exploring new techniques, both hand shaping and using bannetons, dealing with wet dough, creating that soft open crumb and crackling crust. You will also learn the extra soft brioche like loaf or cinnamon/savoury scrolls using the secret Japanese water roux sure to be delighted! Class also includes taking home a German hand made banneton! Gluten Free Sourdough class are scheduled for May 21 and one more will happen later in Oct/Nov. Demo/Refresher classes are scheduled for Sunday June 18 and 24 at the beautiful Winning Appliances showrooms in Joondalup, Osborne Park and O’Connor.
As the weather becomes cooler and eventually turns into winter this Easter month I have a special on the NEW 2017 model of the Brod and Taylor Folding Proofer & Slow Cooker where every proofer sold will come with a FREE gift, my latest book Wild Sourdough By Hand (retails at $30 or $45 delivered). For those of you who like to use a machine (Thermomix, Magimix, Kitchen Aid etc) to make your sourdough, you can contact me via email to receive the instruction. This proofer special will run from Easter Sunday (April 14) until Mothers’ Day (May 14) inclusive, so the order must be made by May 14 and paid by May 21. Here is the link to purchase:
So what’s new for me… I am thinking of finally bringing out a unique sourdough product. What exactly this product is I don’t quite know yet, as I am still running and experimenting with many ideas (gluten free versus spelt/Khorasan (kamut)). I am very open to suggestions as I hardly ever buy sourdough products so some of you will know the market better than me. Please write to me with your ideas, permission to be out there with your suggestions!
And I am finally going to take the plunge and do a special’ cooking class or more this year based on my own day today cooking and ‘15 min lunch school days’ (ie. making so many ‘alive’ lunches for my very fussy daughter who will not eat sandwiches of any kind). My diet basically has developed over my younger hippy days of vegan macrobiotic to a more balanced diet now, with an ongoing interest in building and preserving good health and a special passion for cultured food.
I am not into DIET FADS and I have spoken very strongly and openly about this subject as many of these diets are mostly based on some celebritity’s whims, and pseudo truth like what cavemen used to eat. However, I am interested on evidence based diets such as FODMAPs and more recently the KETOGENIC diet (with the provision that more evidence based studies need to be conducted on humans, but so far it has had promising results as an adjuvant therapy to chemo therapy)
I really would love your feedback and ideas of what you would like to learn… My diet is pretty much low carb or complex carb (everyday sourdough and occasional rice), good fat (I only use solid fat like butter, ghee, coconut to cook with) and lots of green leaves and veggies in season, fish, grass fed, free range and organic whenever possible meats, and most importantly some “cultured” bits used cleverly to add nuances to dishes. For example, this morning I had my own cognac duck liver pate (with cognac in the pate, not to drink on the side at 6am) on thin slices of rye sourdough and a huge mount of ginger and lemon red kraut. It was delicious….
That's for me now, take care of your beautiful self over this Easter holidays and I will leave you on a sweet note with my new recipe SOFT SOURDOUGH CHOCOLATE HOT CROSS BUNS:

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with love and blessings, Yoke 


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