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Sat 3pm, Downtown Silver Spring: #ReclaimMLK sit-in at Veterans Plaza

Following the success of the Wheaton Mall die-in, Elsa Lakew and MCCRC are organizing a #ReclaimMLK sit-in-in at Veterans Plaza (map) at 3pm this Saturday, Jan 24.  On the ReclaimMLK Facebook event page, Elsa explains:

This is a week to celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. To honor both his life and his dream, we will sit-in and make our voices heard. The purpose of us demonstrating is to show our elected officials that we will not rest until police brutality, the unlawful targeting and killing of black people, and the dangerous biases in our flawed judicial system have been sufficiently addressed.

As a public area, Veterans Plaza does not present the same issues that Wheaton Mall did, but we still want to ensure that the event is a safe and peaceful one.  When you join us, please join us in that spirit; also, let organizers know you're coming by registering yourself at our ReclaimMLK Facebook event page, or by contacting  

Mon 4pm, Department of Justice: Justice Monday vigil

Please join us! Let us know you're coming by registering at our Justice Monday vigil Facebook event page, or by contacting  

We're joining with the HandsUpDC coalition on Monday at 4pm at the DOJ (map: 9th and Pennsylvania, NW)  to demand (1) that federal charges be brought immediately against the officers responsible for the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice, (2) that findings about these and similar cases be released, and,that federal charges be brought immediately against all officers who have acted unlawfully; (3) an immediate end to DoJ funding of militarized policing; (4) that the Department of Justice reopen the Michael Brown case because of improper handling of the grand jury.  

What do we want? Justice! How do we want it? Here's a list
MCCRC advocates:
  1. Nationally: passage of the End Racial Profiling Act supported by Maryland Senator Ben Cardin; a complete end to federal funding of militarized policing; Justice Department investigation of and, when necessary, intervention in the Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and similar cases.
  2. In Maryland: reform of the "Law Enforcement Officer Bill of Rights" a.k.a LEOBR reform so investigations of police homicides and other abuses begin immediately and can be requested more easily; allowing jurisdictions to create civilian review boards with real power to investigate police; renewal of the "Driving While Black" Act requiring law enforcement record-keeping and reporting of motorist race in all vehicular stops; care with police 'body cameras': not another surveillance tool; going beyond marijuana decriminalization to legalizing and taxing it like alcohol.
  3. In Montgomery County: consideration and passage of the Local Civil Rights Restoration Act, esp. its racial profiling, surveillance, and federal immigration law enforcement provisions.
These demands build on efforts of coalition members Hands Up DC and the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, as well as allies and partners including the ACLU of Maryland and the newly active Coalition for Justice and Equality.

Please monitor our blog and Facebook page for updates, and bookmark our 2015 Maryland lobbying page.  We'll be in touch again soon about calling our elected officials about these goals. 

Thanks for all you do!

Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition