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Restore the 4th! McPherson Sq rally, July 4th at noon

The Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition is proud to endorse a major “Restore The Fourth” rally for our Fourth Amendment rights — one that will happen, appropriately enough, on July 4th.

  • Where: McPherson Square, downtown DC
  • When: July 4th, noon-2pm
  • Speakers: NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake, BORDC’s Shahid Buttar, Defending Dissent’s Sue Udry, Libertarian Party president Carla Howell, Free Press CEO Craig Aaron, Demand Progress’ Charlie Fuhrman, MCCRC's Thomas Nephew and others.
  • RSVP to the Facebook event page here
The rally was triggered by the ongoing surveillance revelations by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.  For an overview of those revelations, visit The Guardian’s site “The NSA Files” — a growing collection of articles by Glenn Greenwald, Spencer Ackerman, and others.  For a careful summary of the disturbing truths we’re learning about NSA surveillance, see "Everything you wanted to Know About NSA Surveillance but were afraid to ask," by Jonathan Stray.

June 14 press conference/rally for surveillance reform

MCCRC led the way against the NSA's warrantless surveillance earlier in June with a press conference/rally on the doorstep of Congress. For video of the successful event, visit our blog report about the June 14 rally here.

Coalition presses Van Hollen for surveillance reform
On June 19, MCCRC activists Sue Udry and Thomas Nephew joined CAIR-MD's Zainab Chaudry and CAIR's Robert McCaw for a visit to Rep. Chris Van Hollen's Capitol Hill offices.  The delegation delivered a 115-organization coalition letter  urging reform of the USA PATRIOT Act, the state secrets privilege, and the FISA Amendments Act and had a wide ranging discussion with the Congressman about unwarranted surveillance; for more on the visit, see  our blog report here.  Since our visit, Rep. Van Hollen has announced he is co-sponsoring Rep. Adam Schiff’s HR 2475, the "Ending Secret Law Act";  please thank him for doing so!

And thanks for all you do!

Thomas, Kit, Sue, Martine, Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition