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Protest NDAA at Obama campaign Maryland office on Wednesday

Please join us in protesting against the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) at the Obama for America/MD office in Kensington.
WHERE: 3750 University Blvd. West, Kensington MD (Suite 303)  (map)
WHEN: Wednesday, Dec.28, 4:30pm-8pm

We are protesting provisions of that legislation that expand the scope of the "War on Terror," and codify the practice of indefinite detentions without trial by the US military. (Contrary to popular belief, the bill does not exempt Americans from this possibility, it simply doesn't "require" that they face the possibility.)  To our disappointment, President Obama has indicated he will sign the bill.

For a report on our December 21 protest at the OFA
office, see "With NDAA looming, MCCRC activists pay the Obama campaign a visit." The article provides links to articles with more information about NDAA. Before Wednesday, call the White House at (202) 456-1414 and the Obama campaign at (312) 698-3670 and express your opposition to the NDAA.

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Thanks for all you do,

Thomas Nephew
Co-founder, MCCRC