Help needed for Pairie Days
Looking for Grapes and a Carrot 

Prairie Days Parade
We are looking for a great and fun team to join us for this year’s Prairie Day’s Parade. It’s on Thursday evening June 21st.  This year we have a grape outfit and a banana outfit, so we are looking for people to wear them during the parade.  The parade route is lined by some 10,000 people and everyone who has ever participated has had the most fantastic time.  Not only do we need people to wear the outfits, we also need people sit on the float and wave at the crowd and people to hand out healthy goodies to thousands of kids and parents.
Grand Opening
We are also looking for volunteers to join us for our Grand Opening. We will have a wonderful time from 12 noon to 4 pm on Saturday June 23rd.  We will be giving away prizes to everyone who enters to play our games.  Everyone wins a prize.  We are also looking for volunteers to man sampling tables.  We would also like our grapes and banana to stand outside and wave at people and beckon them in.
Please contact Florence if you would like to help out. or 894-5611
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