Test drive the newest, easiest tool to smash your Sallie Mae loan

Test drive the newest, easiest tool to smash your Sallie Mae loan

*|FNAME|*, once upon a time, you chose to subscribe to the MoneyUnderdog blog. Then, several eons went by with hardly a peep. Today, so much has changed, and I want to make sure you're not left behind. grew into, then became more narrowly focused to overcoming student loan agony, and at last I'm finally delivering the goods exclusively to loyal subscribers. If you're still battling a student loan, read on. If not, thanks so much for the time you've been around MoneyUnderdog--I appreciate you being a part of the little community.

Now, down to business for those of us with Sallie Mae bills still coming in the mail. I actually just finished putting together a new tool that I believe will help people crush their student loans. Would you mind helping me test-drive this kick-ass free tool? Drum roll, please...presenting:

You can find out all about it using the following link, or by clicking on the logo. At this stage, I really need feedback (positive and negative). If you're interested in testing this out and keeping your subscription to the blog, link over to DoMoneyBetter for all the details. I am really, really excited to get your feedback! By the way, that new subscription will be the one you'll want to use from now on. More good stuff to come. I promise.

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